In Two Weeks, You'll Fall To Your Death In The Next Call Of Duty DLC Map

The globe-trotting nature of the Call of Duty series means that multiplayer maps have a plethora of locales to choose from. And the latest one is in… New York?!

Wait, don't run away! The Overwatch map hitting on February 21 is different, since you'll be engaging in firefights 70 storeys above the street in a skyscraper with no safety barriers. If you don't watch your step, a very stupid death will happen to you.

As with all the DLC since Activision launched Call of Duty Elite service, you'll need to be an Xbox 360 player AND a premium Elite member to play Overwatch first. If you're a premium Elite member on PS3, you'll get it before other owners of Sony's console. If you need help figuring all this out, check out Stephen Totilo's article on the Call of Duty content season.


    Wait, is this Call of Duty 4?

      Yes. Now go back to your indie bundle or whatever it is you kids are into these days.

        You're off the case McGarnical!

    Looks suspiciously like one of the maps from MW2....

      "MATT DAMON!"

      I came to here to complain about them rehashing maps at a premium, but I'm pretty sure this map is only similar to that other one.

      was just about to mention that, chances are if you manage to "noclip" the map, you'll find a big chunk of it hidden behind a building or something

      Modern Warfare 2 had one called 'Highrise' very similar half constructed style with no railings and skycranes that campers would drop a tactical insertion on.

      Black Ops had one too called 'Hotel' which was not half constructed but had no railings on the side.

      Either way, seems every iteration will get a 'top of building x stories off the ground' map

    As a crusty veteran gamer of 29 years of age, I hate this 'season' word now flung around for the release of a bunch of map packs. I know it's used to make you feel special, all warm and fuzzy to be part of the in crowd, as if you were almost part of a real footy or cricket team that had a real 'season'. Lets be honest, that number and made up special little symbol next to your name when your playing is really just a badge to show how many hours in a day you have nothing better to do than mindlessly rank up towards some unseen and uncontainable goal. It's rarely an indication on ones skill.


    So far the Devs of MW3 aren't being very creative... And i refuse to call them Infinity Ward, The founders and veteran staff left so as far as i'm concerned its just Sledgehammer working on this. I hope COD will be dead within three titles for its own sake...

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