Inside A Chinese Hacking Den

Located in a South China shopping center, this shop doesn't merely "fix" consoles. It fixes them so they can run pirates games. Common throughout the country, the "Chinese pirates hacking den", as website China Underground called it, specialises in flashing (modding) Xbox 360 and hacking consoles like the PlayStation 3 and the Wii.

Video game consoles are banned in China. However, modded machines and illegally pirated games are widely available on the country's grey market.

Matteo Damiani took these photos for Italian site CinaOggi. More can be viewed in the link below.

Dentro il covo dei pirati cinesi delle XBOX360 e Playstation 3 [CinaOggi via China Underground]

Top photo: Matteo Damiani/CinaOggi


    No different than local ones. Would have rather a piece on those.

      No local shop is going to allow you to walk in and take pictures especially after the raid on a few shop for selling illegal paytv.

      If this is the same as the local dens then there would be no difference in articles right?
      Any one that has been to certain areas of China such as Shenzhen would know how easy it is to come across forms of piracy.

    Looks cool. Mr. Ashcraft is there any chance of an expanded feature on American or Australian hacking dens, that would be great. A look at the hackers methodology, why they do it, their fear of getting caught would actually be interesting.

      I've been to a few Oz hacking dens, even one working right across from a police station. Problem is that enforcement on illegal modification of console for profit (note I said profit, not personal use) is not very high up on the scale of criminal sanctions for legislators. I've even come across one handing out business cards freely in a market with police guards.

    I just hope that 10 seconds after they boot up into Live or the PSN they become bricks.

      That doesn't happen.
      The console would just be banned from the services.

        Sony wouldn't ban people for that. They're too nice.

    Makes Foxxcom look nice and tidy.

      if you dont pay attention to all the dead bodys on the floor at foxxcom

    looks just like my computer room. I have never called it a Den before though. Guess what its called now.

    guy in toowoomba does all this

      Oh jesus, don't ever mention that shit hole of a town. I was unfortuneately born there and was lucky enough to get out when I was 12. Having said that, I'm surprised that anyone in that backwards-arse place has the mental capacity to operate a console let alone mod one.

        they dont he most likely moved there as he saw an opportunity to rip people off.

    This pretty much is what you can find at a computer market.

    Yeah Console tronics in Bankstown looks like this... also so does my back beadroom.. I have about 5-6 360's lying around in

      do you have a lot of beads in your room?

        Yes in jars, I have all sizes, shapes and colors.

    I feel like I've stumbled into a parallel universe, where Brian Ashcraft writes posts that are relevant to video gaming...

    Shut up and get in the den.

    Not one comment about the optimus prime trailer?

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