Is Lucasarts Working On A Project That Will ‘Revolutionise The Industry’?

Is Lucasarts Working On A Project That Will ‘Revolutionise The Industry’?

According to a new job ad popping up on the Lucasfilm website, Lucasarts is currently building a “new way of connected online gaming that is going to revolutionize the industry.” Now I’m used to hearing hyperbole in my press releases, but in my job ads? This is new!

I suppose this job could be something related to Star Wars: The Old Republic, possibly, but The Old Republic is an EA and Bioware project, and this is most likely something completely different.

But what?

It’s difficult to say, but the ad specifies that experience in 24/7 services with constant high traffic is a necessity, and they’re looking for someone with experience with “first party (Sony and Microsoft) certification. This means that, whatever the project is, it will most likely be available on consoles, and it will be some sort of important online experience.

Let the rampant speculation begin!


    • I’m enjoying TOR and believe it’s better than Wow and possibly most MMOs on the market.
      I guess it’s just something which a small minority seems to dislike from the looks of things.

  • They’re going to take all your favourite cherished old games, make them 3D, change the story a bit with new CGI technology and then rerelease them.

  • So Lucas Arts are now going to take beloved games and give them a directors cut so they can be played ‘how the developer fully intended them to play’?

    Can’t wait for the bit in Bioshock where Andrew Ryan moonwalks into the room, impersonating Michael Jackson, and then you hit him with the golf club.

    • I can picture this now. Squadrons of fighters flying in to capture a space station, “s foils in to attack position.” “it’s a trap!” “break off by flights. Targets the squints first, then move on to the eyeballs.”
      “copy that, blue leader”
      …… WIN!

      And that is all in an rp guild. I love it. I love everything about it. I would never play another game again.

  • I must be getting cynical. But hearing revolutionary, online and 24/7 service in regards to gaming sounds like someone is planning some horrendous new always on DRM system.

  • You mustn’t look for a job too often, Mark. Hyperbole is the standard these days. That Lucasarts one is understated by comparison.

  • It probably means you can continue playing the game via mobile device, webbrowser and pc/console. So you can always be connected.

    • Let’s say you are true and this is something that can happen today.

      Would Lucas Arts recharge you for each company or sell just one that allows you to play on all devices???? Would any game company allow the sale of one for all platforms or charge you for each

  • Oh, Lucasarts. Three things will make your fans happy and make you a metric shitton of cash.

    Star Wars Battlefront 3
    New X-Wing/TIE Fighter/X-Wing vs TIE Fighter games
    Let GOG rerelease Day of the Tentacle/Grim Fandango/Full Throttle/Hell, any adventure game not currently on Steam.

  • A Darth Maul game!!
    If not ill take a Star Wars saga game, the complete story from episode 1-6. Different play styles like Shadows Of The Empire, leveling up as Anakin from ep 1-3 before becoming Darth. Then play as Luke for ep’s 4-6 and level up until you’re a true jedi! This would be a good opportunity for George to re-write any parts of the movies he’s unhappy with now too.

  • Oh for god sakes. ENOUGH with crappy MMO’s!!! News flash LucasArts, every one wants a superb single player star wars experience (ala KOTOR); we don’t want to see a whole bunch of other idiots running around swinging lightsabers!!!!! *angry face*

  • Maybe they’re resurrecting Habitat.

    Oh, LucasArts. You used to be so brilliant. Now even your most dedicated fansites seem to spend most of their time mocking you.

  • haha these guys said that the Force Unleasehed was the best game they ever made… So what The Old Republic didn’t get you guys money? Seriously what is the problem of bringing back games that made you guys lots of money? Battlefront, Troopers, Rouge Squadron, a single player Old Republic game? Are you guys saying that those games sucked and our fans want MORE Clone Wars era games? I don’t get it

  • To be frankly honest another mmo game would ruin the franchise do what 343 studios did and make a first person shooter from begining to end with a great story line like from the books of rogue squadron

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