Is That A Metroid In Kid Icarus?

While Nintendo is bullish on the Kid Icarus: Uprising's multiplayer and various battle modes, sister site Kotaku Japan noticed something odd. Something familiar. Something Metroid.

In the footage Nintendo released today, there appears to be a Metroid as Kid Icarus protagonist Pitt flies through the air.

Kid Icarus is being designed by Masahiro Sakurai, who famously includes a variety of Nintendo characters in his Smash Bros. games. Neat that he's giving cameos in Uprising, too.

倒しちゃっていいの? 『新・光神話 パルテナの鏡』にメトロイド登場 [Kotaku Japan]


    The Metroid was in the original Kid Icarus (same sprite - it was called something else though).

      Indeed. Supposedly it's a homage to Metroid, because they both used a very similar game engine (and the system for loading screens as you move around the map is the same). Similarly, Metroid: Zero Mission also paid homage to Kid Icarus by giving you three items, none of which worked until you had all of them (like in Kid Icarus).

      Yup. I wish I was surprised that Ashcraft wasn't aware of that. I am, however, surprised that *apparently* the writers for Kotaku Japan weren't aware of it either... though I can't be certain of that because I suck and can't actually read what they originally wrote. :-P

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