It's Cold. Time For Hot Panties.

February is always so cold in Japan. This winter has seen record snowfall across the country. Akihabara, Tokyo's geek mecca, has a way to warm up: hot underpants.

Earlier this month and for a limited time only, sex toy shop M's Akihabara sold piping hot stripped underpants. Priced at ¥800 (US$10.44), the hot panties came in three colours: pink, green, and blue.

The young lady staffing the stand even served up each "hot shima pan" as if were a meat bun, picking up the rolled garments with tongs, and putting it in wrapping paper. Puns abound as "pan" here refers to "pantsu" or underpants; "pan" (パン) is also Japanese for bread.

The stripped drawers were kept warm under heat lamps — the kind you usually see at Japanese convenience stores housing meat buns — which boasted that they underpants were fresh (from the oven), tongue planted firmly in cheek.

ついに出た。人肌に温めた「ホット縞パン」。冬はHOTで [Akiba Blog]


    This has literally NOTHING to do with video games or even broad videogame culture, you mongoloid

      But it is weird and involves girls panties thus it fits into Ashcraft's main areas of knowledge.

        I could just tell who wrote it from the title

          starting to get a bit sad :\

            I'm sure he was depressed he couldn't fit 'schoolgirls' somewhere into it.

      you guys don't really get what Kotaku is about, do you?

    hey look people having a whinge. . .

    what a surprise. . .

    This isn't even part of the Japanese culture that they are proud of.

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