It's Dangerous Out There. Catch One Of These.

A popular Zelda meme gets reworked for Pocket Monsters.

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    Nobody took a Charmander first? What a bunch of wimps.

      This comment is now a kotaku comment poll:

      I picked Bulbasaur!
      (I think i picked it because i liked green when i was a kid.)

        Pikachu? (I played yellow first)

        But I totally went Bulbasaur in LeafGreen

        Charmander, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Piplup, Snivy...

        Here's hoping that Gen 6 has an awesome grass starter so that the pattern becomes complete! :P

      At first I picked Charmader because fire is awesome, then after that I realised picking Charmander was like picking hard mode considering the first two gyms.

        Nah, they're pretty easy if you get a Nidoran m, or mankey.

      All of them at some point or another.

      Only starters I avoid are fire fighting. They're just so ugly.

      Looking at the tears from the others. I think no one did because it would of ruined this writing. Then looking more closely at the cuts, there isn't even ones between the Charmanders. So piece of Pokemon paper is fail.

      I got pokemon red and my mate got pokemon blue.

      My mate refused to start playing until I did, I had no clue why... I assume he wanted to "race" to the end.

      He was waiting at the pick your starter pokemon part, I go there and instantly see Charmander... me loving Dragons/Lizards/Fire straight away pick him.
      2 seconds after I pick charmander my mate picks Squirtle..... I didn't catch on until years later... lol

    Charmander. Always.

      Same here!

    I chose Charmander because FUCKING FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON!

    The concept of a 'hard mode' didn't even cross my mind. I was like 12 and didn't understand things. Then I got to the point where I could rare candy my guys up to lv100 and nothing mattered any more. Not that it did beforehand anyway.

    Charmander. It's just the right answer.

    Awww, no Pikachu love here?

    Brock was a PITA in yellow. I usually evolve a Butterfree - it learns confusion at lv 10 If I can remember correctly - and that's all I use Butterfree for.

    But seriously, all of the first gen starters are awesome. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for a smug looking snake, fire breathing pig and something with a shell on its head.

    They need to remake Yellow, in B&W style. I'd buy that :D

      It was 12 in red/blue, they changed it to 10 in yellow since Pikachu is awful.
      Seriously I trained up my yellow version Pikachu to lvl 100 and it's stats were still terrible.

      I hate Pikachu as when I first caught him in blue version I was expecting him to be good.
      His base stats are less than squirtles. And he's just... Terrible.

    Squirtle was what I picked than, and it's what I'd pick now.

    Charmander is awesome, so is Bulbasaur, heck it took hours to actually decide which one to take.

    But I chose Squirtle because of the episode where all the pokemon got stranded on an Island somewhere.

    Like a few others, I picked a Charmander at the start. I also nick named it Charmander because I did not like the names being in all caps (I'm in IT thus a name or word in all caps to me implies shouting).

    Fast forward a few months and my brother and I were having a battle. He saw the name 'Charmander' and though it would be an easy battle. Imagine the look on his face when it turned out to be a Charizard instead, :-).

    There's a reason Fire Fighting has become the standard for Fire starters for the past three generations. It's one of the few viable 2ndary types for Fire to make them usable in high-level battles given the near-ubiquity of rock type attacks. Steel could work for this, but then Ground type will be 4x damage, and Earthquake is present in basically every team.

    So as awesome as Charizard is, it's basically useless in a battle, especially during 4th generation, where it will take 50% damage due to stealth rock every time it comes in.

    I choose you! Charmander!
    (anyone's fine - just save one for me)

    I seriously need to block access to this site on my router.

    Just look at this sh­it.

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