It's Like Magic. Skylanders Toys Light Up When They're Near Certain Things.

The next line of Skylanders toys — those figures that can be synced to video games of the same name — include some sort of "light technology." Whatever. I ran into the guy who runs the Skylanders development studio at the airport last week and mocked that silly bit of hype.

They have lights in them, I told him. So what?

You got it wrong, he said, smiling. They do have lights in them... but they light up only when you move them near the game's Portal of Power. How? It's "dumb magic," he called it. Really, it's physics. A radio frequency emitted from the portal triggers illumination in the figure. The strength of the frequency affects the brightness of the lights.

Our guys went to Toy Fair to see if this was true. It is! Check it out in this clip shot by out Chris Person.



    my mates kids have this game and figures. they're mad on it. they fight over the figurines they want to use, then fight because they have the incorrect controller for whoever placed the figurine down first. well, fight seems overrated here, they are 11, 8 + 4. the oldest takes from the 8 year old and supports the 4 year old. if the oldest isnt playing the 8 year old takes from the 4 year old, then 4 year old cracks the shits bigtime. never seen kids brawl so much over a game

    The game is rad, the figures are awesome, and this is a neat little addition. Consider me pumped, though I would like more stock this time round because you can't get them ANYWHERE anymore.

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