It's Really Mean To Steal Kills In Battlefield 3

It's OK to bring a knife to a gun fight, but it's not OK to steal somebody's kill in Battlefield 3.

Just ask the folks behind Snarky Entertainment, who released this snarky, entertaining Battlefield-themed video last week. It's packed with blood, slow motion and hardcore knife-on-knife violence.

BATTLEFIELD 3 n00b's - "Stole my Kill nOOb" [YouTube — thanks Joe!]


    It's a team game, also somtimes you can score more points assisting someones kill if you do more damage than them and get the suppression bounus than shooting them yourself.
    Also only show-off's use the knife, real men shoot .

      I love when you get a 'Kill Assist 100'.

    Didn't resemble BF3 gameplay at all.

    The one big grype I have with players in BF3 is the fact they run around knifing, knifing and knifing, must be all the CoD kids coming over.

      At least the knife animation in BF is a lot better than the one in CoD and I believe a tad harder to perform

      I don't know what server your playing on but over my 90 hours what your saying is total bollocks. I don't see 64 players all knifing. Plus I can vouch that often knifing someone just gets you killed. Out of my pluss 300 knife kills I would of lost about 50-100 kills because I died while doing it. Also i do hate it when someone shoots teh guys I'm knifing. Thats the only time I can think of that stealing my kill is annoying.

        Could not agree more Alex. Out of the 86 hours and 2 minutes I've played. I've only gotten 57 knife kills. My top 3 killing weapons are the M16A3, the M416 and the SV98. Knifes don't really come into it at all. Most engagements are from range, and the only way you get a knife kill is usually by sneaking up on a Sniper who isn't watching his surroundings.

          What I find interesting is that both your post and Alex's post are just about showing off your complete and utter lack of concern about being 'terry toughnuts' and talking about your personal stats then any actual gameplay. If you were trolling, well it's a poor attempt and if you weren't then have fun with being 'harry big pants' in your own imaginary worlds.

          My view is based actually on the number of gameplay vids I have seen posted as well as my personal experience online. I have on a regular basis seen a number of players with 1000+ and upwards knife kills with little to show in their other weapons stats. I have also seen a knife only server. Personally I have killed a number of people running around with just their knives irrespective of the amount of ammunition they have available.

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