It's Time For A Magical Sound Shower

Ah, Magical Sound Shower. Could there be a better soundtrack for driving around a two-dimensional landscape in an expensive car with a sexy lady beside you? No. No, there could not.

The original piece from the original Outrun was composed by Hiroshi Miyauchi, but I very quietly prefer the campier version from Outrun 2, which I've also included.

Also included at the very end? A slightly different, but no less wonderful fan-made rendition.


    Adding a plug for the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE cover of it:

    They also do a good Monkey Island theme...

    Nah, the best one was Splash Wave from Outrunners. :)

    One of my best holiday memories was driving through New Zealand (sadly, not in a Ferrari) with some C64 remixes playing, and as a drove through the most amazing hills... on comes the Press Play of Tape version of Magical Sound Shower.

    Magical indeed.

    Without question one of my favourite video game tunes.

    My favourite from the OutRun series, and one of the greatest, most iconic pieces of VGM of all time. I'll add a couple of my all time favourite arrangements of the track, both from OC ReMix:
    Instant Remedy 'Instant' -
    LuIzA 'Shiny New Ferrari -

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