Jetpack Joyride Reaches 14 Million Downloads

Halfbrick are going from strength to strength with the announcement that Jetpack Joyride has sold million copies and, since the game went free-to-play, it has been downloaded 14 million times.

Speaking at the DICE Conference in Las Vegas, Halfbrick's chief marketing officer, Phil Larsen, said that downloads of Jetpack Joyride went through the roof after the game was made free-to-play in December. The game had sold 1 million copies (at approximately $1 an app) prior to its free release. Since then, it has been downloaded an additional 13 million times.

Larsen also said that Fruit Ninja Kinect has sold half a million copies, which is an enormous achievement for a downloadable title, especially given that it is Halfbrick's first foray into the console market.

Both Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride will continue to be supported by Halfbrick, with an update for Jetpack Joyride coming next month.


    Holy bananas. You don't need a big ratio of white whales in 14 million downloads to see that a free/IAP iOS model was a profitable move.

    Good for them!

    It's such a "meh" game though! People love their freebies!

    I've been playing this heaps the last couple weeks, nearly bought everything in the stash so once I've done that I'll probably move on to something else until some new content for it is available.

    If they fix this so I stop losing all my progress when it crashes, then I might play it again. Too pissed off at it to play it at the mo', even though I really enjoyed it.

    Fruit Ninja Kinect wasn't their first foray into the console market. Previously they had released the awesome Raskulls on XBLA, as well as a bunch of "minis" on XBLIG.

    "especially given that it is Halfbrick’s first foray into the console market"

    Sooo what was Raskulls then?

    But how many of those 13 million people have actually paid for in-game content?

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