Job Cuts At Studio That Made Syndicate

It's become a familiar story: studio is employed to make a game, studio finishes game, studio shrinks upon game's completion. This is what has happened over in Sweden where Starbreeze, the studio behind the new Syndicate game, has lost 25 jobs.

Along with the 25 job cuts, board member Peter Tornquist will resign from Starbreeze's board with no replacement planned.

The CEO of Starbreeze, Mikael Nermark, said: "It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees. But we hace to reduce staff after the delivery of Syndicate."

Starbreeze Studios was founded in 1998 and has worked on games like Enclave, Knights of the Temple, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Darkness.

The Syndicate re-make is being released around the world next week, except in Australia where it has been refused classification.



    I remember the days when Kotaku actually posted news first and focued on relevent issues. Welcome to game development! They were all contractors!

      It is most unfortunate that this site has gone to the dogs.

        LOL, though I understand your sentiment, Tracey, this is a NEWS site after all, he has a point, I bet these lay-offs are in play testing and maybe some art production. Which is 100% in-line with standard industry churn. It sucks but it is a very unforgiving career.


      What does posting an article FIRST have to do with anything? I come here because it's a collation of a variety of different articles. Whether or not they're posted before any other site is inconsequential, so long as I get to read it in one convenient location.

      Aside from bashcraft's useless articles, I find the site to be very informative and I visit on a daily basis. There's no need to be a douche about it, either. Your second sentence was absolutely unnecessary.

      Thanks for this article, Tracey. It is definitely disheartening to see what's going on in the industry. Kinda makes me glad I never pursued game development :s

      And what could be more relevant than knowing the people behind products, that you and I buy and look forward to, are being let go? How about the people actually interested in learning how the games industry works?

      I'm glad kotaku reminds me of how f*cking brutal the games industry can be at times and doesn't just sugarcoat it.

      "The CEO of Starbreeze, Mikael Nermark, said: “It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees. But we hace to reduce staff after the delivery of Syndicate.”"

      What's to be so sad about if they're contractors? Read between the lines man.

      And news is news.

      If they were all contractors then the company would simply let the contracts run out. It is a method of cutting back staff quietly - let contracts run out, don't replace people who've quit - without actually making cutbacks. But this company has said "cutbacks".

      This is an especially cutthroat trend we are seeing in this business and it is important for Kotaku to report on it.

      Double Fine were facing pressure but they went out of their way to keep everyone. They're pretty wonderful.

    Here's hoping all these folks land on their feet.

    I often find the commenters on Kotaku to be the most worthless part of the site.

      Take a trip to TAY and be enlightened.
      Unless you're excluding the community from "commenters", in which case I understand.

        TAY is alright. But that's more of a general chat.

        I'm talking more about the assholes who no one has ever seen before, feeling as though everyone should listen to them because they have some great revelation to bestow upon the masses. When in reality, they're just shitting up the site.

    They will be putting more off soon as the game is very short & pretty average.

      How do you know this? I have my copy coming from Play-asia. I like the look of it...never bothered me that it carries the Syndicate name...

      Even though this is a blog and not a forum, the main essence of an online community is the odd passer-by contributing an opinion/info on something.

    Can anyone if these employees were all contractors, a mix or full time employees??? If they were contractors then it's a normal thing to let contractors go after the contract is completed

      oops...monday sucks....I meant can anyone confirm if ...........................

    Every time I start to get sad about no longer making games I see an article like this and I'm reminded why I haven't tried harder to get back in.

    Although it's a stupid industry tradition to let go of talent you've invested in, the surprising part (and one no one seems to have commented on) is that a member of the board has also resigned. It smells a bit fishy that these things happened at the same time and I wouldn't be surprised if he was "encouraged" to leave rather than pay his redundancy package and have questions asked about his departure.

    Wanted to play this game, banned in aus ;(

    No next-contract ready to go, sounds like the way most companies run things. There will be more work to come as they get ramped up into the next project.

    Isn't this how movies work? I don't really expect universal to keep paying the cameraman after principal photography wraps up.

    Damn these guys deserve better with the imminent release of Syndicate, which I have been pushing on all my friends.

    Makes me frustrated when the same garbage gets sold such as licensed games, sports games with a different cover and true quality is overlooked.

    We need to vote with our money if we like what they create.

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