Journey Is Finished, Release Date Imminent

Journey Is Finished, Release Date Imminent

Journey was my most anticipated game of 2011 and now, in the grand future of 2012, we could be very close to a release date for thatgamecompany’s latest effort.

Earlier today Jenova Chen, co-founder and Creative Director of thatgamecompany tweeted that the game was “finally finished”. All that is required now is for Sony to schedule, then announce, an official release date. At the moment, it appears not even Jenova Chen himself is aware of the precise date the game will be released.

“Sony’s working on it,” he said, in one tweet. “Quite a few big releases are coming up.

“Once Sony figure out the right time, they will announce it. I assume pretty soon.”

We’ve contact Sony locally for more information on the game’s release date. but we’ve yet to hear any official word.

Personally speaking, this is a game I’m willing to repurchase a PlayStation 3 for, since my last one just had the Yellow Light of Death a couple of weeks ago. Rest in Peace Fatboy.


  • Cool, been waiting for this to drop. Loved ‘Flower’, been hanging out for this ever since the footage surfaced. On another note what is the yellow light of death, mentioned in the article?

    • Essentially it is a GPU (graphics processing unit) problem that surfaces. In simple terms, over a systems period of use and abuse, over time, the heat creates dry solder joints between the GPU and motherboard, causing the led to flash yellow, and the system no longer boots up. The 360 has a similar issue, except it displays the 3 RROD’s (Red Rings Of Death).

      It can be temporarily repaired using a heatgun and some other tools, but its questionable whether or not its worth the effort as you may get a mere few days, months or may prove to be more long term… This method is called a BGA Reflow.

      The proper way for a factory style repair, would require the use of a re-balling station. Essentially the GPU is detached, the solder completely removed, and solder balls placed on the GPU. The GPU is heated slightly then positioned on the motherboard and heated into position.

      You can get it repaired at certain places for about $100 with a 6 month warranty i think from memory. 🙂

  • Yeah, Sony are pretty good at the console exclusives. Sorry to hear about your Fatboy Mark, I’m hoping my fatboy lasts till next gen. It’s been going pretty good so far, except I have noticed it seems to be running hotter then normal…hopefully it’s in my head!

  • Day 1. Assuming Sony have fixed their issues with actually being able to download the stuff you’ve paid for by then, anyway.

  • Dude… the passing of a Fatboy is always a sad event. It’s like losing a gerbil or hamster, unlike the 360, which is like losing a goldfish from the state fair.

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