Journey’s Creators Are Hiring, Looking To Take Things A Step Further In New Game

Journey’s Creators Are Hiring, Looking To Take Things A Step Further In New Game

Man, I’m pretty excited about Journey. You may have noticed that in amongst the posts upon posts of unprofessional slobbering. Journey is being released on the PlayStation Network this March, but developer Thatgamecompany is already looking towards its next game, which looks to take things a “step further”.

According to this Thatgamecompany job ad for a ‘Scalability Engineer’, the team appears to be working on something at least mildly related to the online interactions designed in the upcoming Journey.

“With our last game, Journey, we began incorporating online interactions into our projects, and we’d like to take it a step further on our next game,” begins the job ad. “But while we’re pretty experienced making games, we’ve never built a full scale online service available to hundreds of thousands of users. People keep telling us that’s pretty hard. We like a challenge, but we also don’t want to screw this up. We’re looking for someone to help us plan and build our online infrastructure in a way that scales.”

Sounds interesting. Looks like Thatgamecompany will, as you’d expect, remain in the ‘experimental’ realm, with the job applicants being advised to seek out “adventure and uncertainty” and create something “not just for core gamers but everyone you respect”.

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  • Flower was a little too artsy for my liking, though I can see the appeal. Journey looks like it’s much more alligned to my tastes. While Thatgamecompany games aren’t really my kind of thing, I appreciate there’s a place for these guys in the world. Good luck to them!

  • It’ll be interesting to see if they decide to stick with Sony or go multiplatform. My understanding is that they had a 3 game deal with Sony, which is now fulfilled (Flow, Flower and Journey). On the one hand, the relationship for Sony seems to have worked pretty well for them – there aren’t too many other big publishers willing to take the kind of leaps of faith that Sony are willing to take with some of these left-field sort of projects. But on the other hand, there are a lot of dollars over there in multiplatform land.

    • Basically all of this, I can’t imagine either MS, Ninty or a bunch of the major 3rd party publishers providing a 3 game deal that ended up producing the 3 titles they have.

      The games have got Sony some decent press also, they might not be system sellers but they certainly beef up a very diverse library. Certainly can see Sony looking to stitch up another deal with them and if another contract plays out well I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony move to acquire them completely.

      • I assumed thatgamecompany’s desire to remain independent would be the only reason why Sony haven’t acquired them already. I’m sure Sony would want them if they could get them.

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