Juicy Halfbrick Fruits Preparing For Adventures Beyond iPhones

Mobile games that have experienced explosive success have a tendency to venture beyond mobile devices: think Angry Birds plush toys, clothing, keychains, and accessories. Now Australia's very own Halfbrick is following suit with Fruit Ninja.

Kidscreen reports that Halfbrick Studios has signed a number of product deals that will see the gory fruits venture into consumer product world.

Companies that have jumped on board include Basic Fun, Jazwares, Mattel and Nanco-Nancy Sales, who will be producing a range of Fruit Ninja toys. A number of apparel companies have also signed up, as well as Healthy Food Brands, who specialise in fruit snacks and gummies (oh man, fruit gummies!).

Fruit Ninja was released in 2010 and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Despite being two-years-old, it continues to be ranked in the top 10 apps list.

We hope that giant watermelon shoes are part of the product line-up.



    I hope they update their Android version. That would be nice.

    Barry Steakfries brand Fruit cutting knives!?

    I find this headline *Highly* offensive!
    The sexual preferences of Halfbrick are irrelevant!

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