Just Cause 2 Is Just $5 Today On Steam

Yes, Steam has daily deals every... day, but today their daily deal is the rocking Just Cause 2, marked down from $US14.99 to just $US5.09. This game is worth a fiver, if only for the skydiving.


    Or, $6.79 down from $19.99 to account for the shipping fees over the ocean.

      Man, that must be recent... oh well, I picked it up for $5 last Steam sale.

    This game is pure fun. One of my favourites. Definitely a steal at $6. I bought this at release for $99 and regret nothing.

      Yeah, it's not a big deal.

      I've put off getting it though because I figured its casual mayhem would be better on my console. How is the PC version?

        Yeah me too, seems like it would be easier to play on the lounge with a controller...

      Yeah, I'm playing it at the moment on PS3 and it's a lot of fun. Not a classic or anything, but certainly well worth it at that price. It's the kind of thing that's just fun to jump into for half an hour, wreak a bit of havoc, blow some things up and then move on.

      Some of the racial stereotyping can be a bit cringe-inducing, though. "The ancestors will be preased!"

        Really? I'm part Malaysian and I thought that those south east asian accents were spot on!

        Some of them sounded like a couple of uncles across the straits...

          Oh, the accents are spot on - my wife's Malaysian so I've spent a bit of time over there myself. But a lot of it is still quite... stereotypical. But I guess stereotypes tend to become stereotypes in the first place because there's at least some element of truth in them. It's nothing to get too wound up about - the game is very much tongue-in-cheek - but it is still a bit jarring at times.

    Seems like just cause 2 is on sale for 5 bucks every second month

    I'm so tempted to buy it, but I've put in over 100 hours on the PS3 version. Still tempting though......

    Still too much for a digial game.

    Skydiving might be good, but only because the aircraft controls are so horrible that you're better of jumping and fighting that way. I get they were dumbed down for casual play, but for anyone who has touched even a jet/heli in battlefield will quickly realize the controls are essentially completely foreign to anything resembling 'normal'

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