Justin Bieber Is Being Sued Over An iPhone Game Called "Joustin Beaver"

Video game developers RC3 have a harmless little game called Joustin Beaver for sale on the App Store. It's $US0.99, and it's turned the teen heartthrob into a beaver. Something Justin Bieber's attorneys aren't very happy about.

Representatives of the Canadian pop star sent a cease-and-desist letter to RC3 over the title a few weeks back (the game's been out since the beginning of the month), threatening legal action if the game wasn't withdrawn for sale on the App Store.

Well, they've got their legal action, because RC3 are suing for their right to release Joustin Beaver.

Claiming the game is parody, and is thus protected by the First Amendment, RC3 want a judge to agree with their stance that the title, while appropriating some degree of likeness to Bieber, "doesn't constitute misappropriation of Bieber's name for commercial purposes".

Which means, alongside other recent cases like those involving Electronic Arts, this could actually become an important litmus test to see just how protected video games can be under the US constitution following a landmark 2011 Supreme Court ruling.

Joustin Beaver is about a beaver, who looks as much like Bieber as a cartoon beaver can, floating down a river swatting paparazzi and signing autographs, all the while trying to avoid being sucked into the "whirlpool of success"

For their part, Bieber's attorneys will be trying to prove that the game will confuse purchasers, tricking them into thinking it's been officially endorsed by Bieber and his management.

Justin Bieber Sued By Creator of 'Joustin' Beaver' Game [The Hollywood Reporter]

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    Remember, if you don't have a real argument, just accuse your customers of being too stupid to breathe.

    Did I read the title right?

      Yeah. Bieber sent the Cease & Desist, and in return HE is being sued for the others to have the rights to publish the game.

    Can't they just take the most commonsense path and make a constitutional amendment legalising the hunting and killing of Justin Beiber? That way we can avoid all these legal acrobatics, and RC3 can go in peace.
    Seriously, I will make a pair of fetching lederhosen out of his skin at no extra charge if it means taking his annoying face off gaming sites for good.

      Vote 1 m0sh for benevolent dictator of the world!

    Anyone else think the picture is a bit disturbing? The mic, Bieber's hand and the position both are in.

      We all knew it was true...

      It just took a badly timed and angled picture to prove it.

    If i where famous and some assholes where making something about me which was
    a) taking the piss
    b) profiting off my image (and hard work)
    i'd ask them to take the game off the market. RC3 are just hoping for a win to gain cash to keep their shitty company up and running.
    I don't like Beibers music (i really hate it) but this sort of crap of trying to make money off someones fame and claiming it as 'parody' really bothers me.

      I disagree entirely.
      People should be allowed to poke fun at whoever they damn well please.
      If I want to make a game where Barack Obama, Hitler and Tony Abbot all have sex with donkey's, I should be absolutely allowed to do just that.
      It might be an awful waste of everybody's time and a grand total of 2 people would play it, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed to exist.

    I LOVE JOUSTING BEAVERS, who is this justin bieber chick?

    Just use the small dick defense. That is say the beaver has a small dick and that if Justin Bieber's lawyers think that this character is Justin Bierber he must have a small dick too.


    The best solution is just to kill him in my opinion.

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