Killzone's PSN Release 'Delayed Indefinitely'

The Killzone official Twitter feed today said the PlayStation Network release of the original Killzone has been indefinitely delayed. It had been scheduled for a January 24 release. [h/t LulzJager]


    Damn that sucks, its the only game in the series I've not played & I was hoping they'd re-release it. Typical that the first I hear about them actually doing a re-release is the announcement of a delay...

    Sounds like a Classics HD must be on the cards. Or preorder bonus for KZ4

      They need to add trophies to it. Not only to satiate the trophy whores (like me), but because the original game on its own is not worth paying for these days. Its hardly a classic game, and was hardly considered groundbreaking at the time.

      Adding trophies to it at least gives ya some incentive to overlook the crappiness and finish it.

        I loved the original Killzone. It certainly had its problems (some graphical glitches, crappy AI and strange jump control that only let you jump over particular objects).

        But it had that great heavy, chunky, visceral feel which has been gradually diminished in the sequels. But that made it the first FPS that actually made me feel like I was a character with a physical presence in the game world, as opposed to just a floating pair of hands holding a gun. And I also loved the choice of playable characters who all had their own path through the game which gave it a bit of replay value.


    Where's the article?

    No one cares.

    And yeah, where's the article? I clicked on this thinking there was some interesting reason why it won't be released as a digital download. It would be odd to point out that it's not getting released otherwise.

    Didn't even know this was coming. Is this one of those PS2 games that just gets dumped onto the PS Store without any updates? I don't think we even get those ones in Australia, I think you have to get them from the US Store. Or is it an HD Remaster?

    What I'd really love to see is a full remake of the original Killzone using the Killzone 2/3 engine. Fat chance, though.

      Yeah, it was going to be one of the ISO dumps on the US Store, which we should eventually get by the end of 2012! :p

      Either the ISO dump completely failed Q&A and they can't fix it, or it's been setup for a Classics HD and package it with an updated Killzone Liberation.

        Interesting to note that the US version didn't seem to have any issues with playing on a backwards compatible PS3, so it shouldn't have been a tough job to bring it across.

        bah... forgot to add the link...

        As long as we're on the subject, why can't you use in-game XMB while playing PS1 games? I've been playing Final Fantasy V over the past week or so and noticed that you can't use the XMB without actually dropping out of the game completely. This is irritating to me.

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