Leak Reveals Another Five Street Fighter X Tekken Characters, Including Akuma, Jin And Ogre

A Taiwanese gaming site has posted cards detailing the move sets for characters Street Fighter X Tekken, due for release in March. The big news here is that the movesets confirm M Bison, Xiaoyu, Akuma, Jin and Ogre for the game's lineup.

Bison and Xiaoyu were leaked out already, but not officially confirmed. Neither are any of these others, officially, but a listing of their move sets would seem to be good enough for most.

All of the movesets are available at Shoryuken, below.

SFxT Moveset Imges Confirm M. Bison, Akuma, Jin, Ogre, [Shoryuken]


    I was gonna say predictable but Ogres a genuine surprise :) Nice!

    Yay! Excitement level rises again!

    Gee what a surprise M>Bison, does he still have cheap shots?

    Needs more Bryan imo

      True..... I'm hanging to give Rolento a go.

    I wish Ogre's Pandora mode was his Beast Ogre model.

    bet ya they are part of extra dl character set.... and release super street fighter x tekken

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