'LEGO Minecraft Micro World' To Be Unveiled Next Week

The LEGO Minecraft concept that passed approval with LEGO's petitioning board has a name and has a reveal date. It won't be at Toy Fair this weekend, but it will be at LEGO World Copenhagen on Feb. 16.

The set's model name is 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World.

LEGO World Copenhagen To Unveil Minecraft Micro World [FBTB — h/t Mark P.]


    All you could POSSIBLY do with it is the 2x2 blocks, 50,000 of them with different colours??? Thats it???

      Are you talking about the article pic? Because i'm pretty sure thats just something someone threw together from their lego stockpile at home NOT the official product

    It can only truly be Minecraft LEGO if every now and then a mini-fig creeper blows up your house. Somehow tho I bet this OH&S crazy world wouldn't let kids play with explosives... shame.

    Why? Minecraft is lego!! Ah people are retarded

      My thaughts exactly.
      Just goes to show how retarded imagination is these days.

        there actually this one kid that made a really cool mech thing. He was like 6 or something, but this stupid minecraft thing got more votes than it. :\

    What is this... i dont even......

    I hope we get full scale 1m^3 cubes.

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