Let A Fighting Game Master Teach You Secrets. For A Price.

If you follow the competitive fighting game circuit, you probably know Japanese Street Fighter player Tokido. If not, read this. And then stand up and pretend you are a SF character.

Tokido is one of the top four players in Japan; he is up there with Daigo Umehara, who is arguably the most famous Street Fighter player there is. (Well, either Daigo or Kayo Satoh, who is a mainstream celebrity.)

But Tokido looks to be capitalising on his gaming fame with The Tokido Formula, in which "Tokido shares his knowledge and secrets of playing Akuma in this exclusive in-depth 2 hour training video."

But... you don't play Akuma, you say? Shuddp! Tokido does. This isn't about you, it's about Tokido teaching you and you paying him US$9.99. The video is available in the link below.

The Tokido Forumla [CrossCounter]


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