Let The King Of Fighters Bring You To Climax

Oh my! The King of Fighters XIII is getting a new version, The King of Fighters XIII: Climax. It apparently brings characters from KOFXIII's home console versions, such as Nests Style Kyo, to arcades.

Location tests kick off next weekend in Tokyo and Osaka.

The King of Fights XIII: Climax [Kotaku Japan]


    Ashcraft's headline seems particularly inappropriate when you've been raped by a wrestler :(

    Does this mean there'll be a KOF 13 expansion before Aus gets the original game!?

    Wait just to confirm...

    Is this just an update of the arcade version to add the extra chars from the console version? Or is this another stupid ala capcom style "upgraded" version.

    If its the latter then I truly lament what a damned cash cow fighting games have been reduced to. I've always loved KoF releases because they were always released as is. The only difference being re-releases and compilations but none of that cash cow "extended" versions where they drip feed new characters every few months as a new release ala Capcom...

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