Listing Says Assassin's Creed's Next DLC Is 'Lost Archive'

An email to GameStop customers on Friday named and priced the next downloadable content extension for Assassin's Creed: Revelations. It's "Lost Archive", and it will be $US14.99 or 1800 Microsoft Points, for both PS3 and Xbox 360. The email said the pack would drop on February 28, but that is unconfirmed.


    That's expensive! How much content is in this, do we know?

      It would probably have as much as Da Vincis dissappearance had, and that was a pretty considerably sized content pack.

      I'm not very happy with the price, given that the game itself contained very few Revelations. If we're paying so much more for a 'secrets revealed' pack...

    Dear Ubisoft,

    I paid $80 for a game that was buggy, unfinished, and showed every indication that it was indeed made by six different studios.

    As a result, I will not be paying a further $20.00 AUD for the privilige of seeing all of the singleplayer storyline I believed I had already paid for.

    Fuck off.


    Your pal,



      Dear Reign,

      We here at Ubisoft realise that in every customer base, there are those who are disgruntled by our marketing decisions. However, please keep in mind that your $20 isn't really worth that much to us. We've already pulled in suckers like you who lack the foresight any intelligent being should have in regards to software development. We thank you for the $80 and hope that you don't cry every time you make a retarded decision based off of pre-pubescent hormones.

      Thanks for your money




      dear reign.

      I'm an AC fan too and I feel the same. that and the problems with ny animus edition codes on top of your mentioned issues.

      screw Ubisoft for overcharging.



    Secret archive? So I'm guessing this might have something to do with Atair's hunt for the secret archive on Crete? That section of the book read like it was describing a game (go here, stab someone, get betrayed, stab traitor, etc) Not sure how it'd be fitted into the game context though (ie. da vinci missions turning up as extra memories for Ezio)

    It won't be 1800mp it'll be 1200mp.

    After the one of the worst titles of 2011 (ACR) I think I'll skip this and AC3.

    Guys, $US14.99 works out to be about 800 Microsoft Points. It's a typo.

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