Live From New York, It's Bastion's Ending Theme

If you missed the New York Video Game Critics Circle Awards, here's your chance to see a whole bunch of videos from last Thursday's event, including a live rendition of Bastion's "Setting Sail, Coming Home" performed by songwriter Darren Korb and singer Ashley Barrett.

Bastion, an indie action-RPG released last year for Xbox 360 and PC, took home awards for Best Music and Best Indie Game. Other winners included Skyrim (Best Game), Portal 2 (Best Writing) and Saints Row: The Third (Best Open World Game). (As a member of the NYVGCC, I helped select these awards.)

I also recommend checking out The Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh's hilarious presentation, unless you just flat-out hate fun.

Video: Critics Circle Awards [New York Game Critics Circle]


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