Kingdom Hearts 3D Comes West In Late July

Square-Enix's official French store briefly listed Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance for release on July 27 before the company pulled back the listing and replaced it with "Summer 2012". Either way, it's a more precise release window than what we'd heard before.

Square may be pulling back the Western release date just to give itself some wiggle room in case problems arise with shipping the game. Europe typically sees Friday releases, which July 27 is; that could mean Kingdom Hearts 3D hits North America on July 24.

The game arrives on March 29 in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance releasing July 27th in Europe. [Gimme Gimme Games — h/t Kevin F.]


    I havent really been keeping up with this game but is it the original kingdom hearts redone in 3d?

    or is it kindom hearts 3 in 3d?

      it's actually neither, it is a bridging game between kingdom hearts 2 and kingdom hearts 3 (which is yet to be made).

      kingdom hearts, in my opinion, is a great game. i love square and disney, so it works for me.

      you could hold out for a HD remake of the original, or if can play it on PS2, definitely get the original. it's a lot of fun :)

        I doubt a HD remake of the original is ever going to come since it was on the PS2 and Nintendo now owns the rights to KH, lot's of copyright and designs to be re-licensed, probably why they are changing the character's costumes since it was a sony property and is now a nintendo property.

        If we want to to get technical it is supposed to be a link from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and KH 3. I'm not quite sure of the difference since Sora in Re:Coded was just a computer program and lost his memory at the end of the game (spoiler obviously) and the Disney crew have a memory of the events, however their knowledge should not effect KH3 since it is completely irrelevant

          Nintendo definatley does not have rights to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, KH3 is still rumoured for PS3 while Birth by Sleep vol2 is rumoured for PS vita. Dream Drop Distance is the only KH title classed as a main series title by Nomura. Plus Nomura is a self confessed playstation fan

          I feel like I need to correct you on something. Nintendo does not own the rights to Kingdom Hearts, fully or partially, in any shape or form (just like KH was never a Sony property by virtue of being released on a Sony platform). Square-Enix releasing KH titles on Nintendo platforms does not give Nintendo the rights to KH, and anybody stating otherwise is extremely misinformed. And in a hypothetical situation where Nintendo managed to gain ownership of the Kingdom Hearts IP, they would still need to renegotiate with Disney in order to maintain the option to use Disney characters, something that would greatly reduce the value of the IP for them if they weren't able to manage. The costume design argument doesn't stand up either because both Sora and Riku appear briefly in their KH2 outfits at what appears to be the start of the game, and they also appear in what appears to be the CG cutscene from the start of the game (with other characters appearing in their outfits from the games released on Sony platforms).

          That being said, you are certainly right about Dream Drop Distance technically being a link between Re:coded and KH3 (although the link consists of Re:coded's secret movie and not much else). However, pretty much anything that was revealed in Re:coded that is relevant to DDD was revealed in trailers for the game.

    Bring this on!

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