Machine-Gun This Truck From The Comfort Of Your Computer Desk On Valentine's Day

Out in the middle of the desert, a remote-controlled M249 Squad Automatic Weapon will unload its magazine into Sweet Tooth's iconic ice cream truck from Twisted Metal, out next week for the PlayStation 3. The trigger will be thousands of spacebars from across the Internet and the finger on one of them can be yours.

The promotional stunt will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the machine gun firing continuously as long as it can be reloaded (and some hapless production assistant can sweep up the brass). More than 100,000 rounds are expected to be fired, according to the site running the spectacle,

According to Wikipedia, the M249 SAW's sustained rate of fire is 50 rounds per minute. If the promoters are going to empty 100,000 rounds, that's at least 33 hours of non-stop firing. I'm guessing there'll be a cigarette break in there, but that's a hell of a lot of firepower.

To get a chance to fire on the truck, you need to sign up through a Facebook app or via Twitter. The promoters will contact you sometime before the shooting starts on Valentine's Day. For more details, see the page.


    Yeah but... people will set up autotypers and the space-ing will never end. Then what? :o

    don't worry, someone will hack it and shoot people on the opposite side.

    the barrel will overheat extremely fast, it has an 85 r/min rate of fire before overheating occurs, so not only do they have to switch out the barrel every minute or so if they sustain the rate of fire, there is also have to reload the ammo pouch, which holds 200 rounds. Going to have some extremely upset people.

    Now this is how you advertise your game Sony!!

    pretty sure the T&C limits this to US residents only, and each person who gets a chance is offered a 30 second slot, so even if they mash spacebar, or have an autotyper, they'll automatically get disconnected after 30 seconds

    It's funny because kids will essentially possessing and firing a weapon without a permit in this promotion (and in australia too no doubt), trololololol.

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