Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Comes To Australia

I hate opening stories with this kind of caveat, but here goes...

I don't know very much about Magic: The Gathering, I've never played it and I'm sure, if I tried, I would totally suck. There are, however, people who are awesome at Magic: The Gathering, and some of them live in Australia. Therefore having an international Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix event in Melbourne would make sense wouldn't it? Yes, it would. And that's why it's happening!

So yes, there is a major Magic: The Gathering competition taking place in Australia, and it seems like a pretty big deal, with hundreds of competitors expected to attend.

The event takes place at Melbourne Park Function Centre, in the Rod Laver Arena and will take place on Friday, March 30 (from 2pm - 8pm) and Saturday, March 31 (8am - 8:45pm). Registration cost $50, but those who register early receive a $10 discount.

$30,000 of prize money is at stake, as well as four invitations to the global Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour.

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    What? No love for Sydney MTG fans :'-(

      you guys get enough stuff

      When I used to play years ago they rotated the Grand Prix event in Australia between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane each year. Im guessing they still do that today.

      yea they rotate still, back in october they had the brisbane GP

    Hasn't the MTG Pro Circuit been coming here for a decade? heck the only owner of the 1996 World Championship Card is a Australian.

    As someone who played casually in a crowd where everyone else played hardcore, MTG came across as a game where the winner is the one most willing to spend ludicrous amounts of money.

    I'm sure at the highest levels, the game is very much about skill, but for entry up to lower competitive play, the guy with the $50 land cards (only slightly exaggerated) is the one who will win.

      Common stereotype. No longer the case. Many decks do use expensive cards, but for standard these top out at $40ish.

      This is also not relevant for the Melbourne GP. All the players are given the cards which they will build their decks with. Even playing field.

      The argument that tends to follow this is that the cards you open may be worse than the person next to you. That may be true, but a well built deck > individual strong cards any day. This is how people can climb to the top of the standings regularly for these types of events.

      These events have also been held here for years. Sydney hosted the world championships a few years ago and one GP a year rotated between Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane

        Counterpoint: Jace the Mindsculptor before he was banned.

      This can certainly be true for constructed, but for limited it comes down to pure skill as you all receive your cards and build your decks on the spot.

    I can't play Magic 2012 to save my life, I haven't won a single game in it (and I've tried several times). Mark isn't alone.

    Started playing 3 weeks ago and I am really digging it. Got 4th at my second FNM with my green / red werewolves deck.

    Wasted $300 on Magic since Innastrad came out. I hate playing the game because even in casual play people are too hardcore and unfriendly. Switched to the cheaper and much more enjoyable Cardfight Vanguard and haven't looked back

    I used to play a lot of magic, I eventually got tired keeping up with Type 2 (a format that uses the most recent sets). The there is always one asshole who brings his top teir goblin/vampire/flavour of the month deck to a friendly tournament just so he can dominate everyone else, which leads into the complaints people have with $20 lands and rares almost being required to compete at a tournament level.

    For me it eventually became a case of the meta-game ruining the actual game.

    I played mtg from the very start so was lucky enough to collect a pile of the very expensive cards.

    Sold them all back in 2002 and bought my a car (well mostly)

    I've dropped down to going to the odd pre-release once or twice a year and playing a few casual games in the interim.
    Still keep up to date with it all, read the daily articles on the official page etc.

    Innistrad block looks amazing, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet though :,(

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