Mai Shiranui, Brought To Life

Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters isn't real. But a few days ago in Taiwan, you could've swore she was.

Taiwanese model Yoyo appeared dressed as SNK's jiggly ninja at a promotion for her new photobook, which features photos of her in various states of dress against cheesy photoshopped backgrounds.

Yoyo isn't a stranger to gaming; last fall, the 20 year-old was the spokesperson for online game Xiang Long and appeared in spots to promote the title. What's more, she once played rock-paper-scissors with a lady dressed like Chun-Li.

Check out more pics (and vids) in the above gallery. More pics on Yoyo's Facebook page.

Image: Facebook.


    Still not quite there. Needs some (more?) implants.

    Wow, that is boobs awesome! That's one of the boobs best cosplayers I have ever boobs seen. What a fantastic boobs costume. Kotaku, posts like boobs this make up for some of your less than boobs stellar articles.

    One one the youtube vids zooms in on her armpits!!?!

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