Make Your Spud An Aperture Potato With These Portal 2 Toys

While NECA rolled out a bunch of impressive Valve-licensed stuff, I was still charmed by the Portal 2 offerings shown by ThinkGeek. Along a Companion Cube cookie jar and talking turrets, they also had Aperture Science cores that also blurted out phrases from the Portal games. But the highlight had to be the Science Fair kit that you could plug into a potato, calling back to one of the best moments in Valve's teleportational sequel. (Potato not included but the poster backdrop is)

ThinkGeek also had Minecraft wares on display, too. Those wall-hangings should keep the Creepers away, no?


    More plastic crap that's pointless to own

      Why is everyone so negative on this site? Jeebus. Some people LIKE to collect things like this, I know I'd love the little Wheatley and turret figures.

        I'm sure a lot of people of people would love to own them. Doesn't change the fact that it's useless crap.

    Very strange minecraft plug right at the end...this is a portal 2 article no?

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