Man Plays Every Zelda Game In A Month, Writes Paper On Timeline

So Nintendo has, more or less, settled on some semblance of an official timeline for the Legend of Zelda series. You may have thoughts/concerns about this. You also probably don't have as many as reader Zach does, though.

A little while ago Zach, who writes at website View From Heaven, sat down to play every official, canonical (sorry, CD-i!) Zelda game ever made. In a single month. While taking notes and pictures the entire time. His goal was to then write a paper on what he thought the series' timeline looked like.

While he was doing it, Nintendo went and did his job for him, but rather than give up, Zach pressed on and wrote his paper anyway. Which you can read at the link below. If you give even half a shit about the Legend of Zelda fiction, it's actually a pretty interesting read!

The Legend of Zelda Timeline and Analysis [VFH]


    Wow just wow. That essay is huge! I didn't read it but it seems very indepth.

    I know a lot of time and work must of went into writing it but I still can't help but to think that all these timeline fanatics are just over analysing things a bit too much :P

    Wow! He wrote paper on timeline?! That's amazing! I don't see the word paper anywhere on timeline though... And I don't see the word paper in the very fabric of the space-time continuum. So you must be lying! I'm going to go type blog on history about it!

    *Deep breath*


    *Another deep breath*


    *Falls unconscious*

    Is there an alternate source for the PDF file? Seems his download link is flagged/blocked as 'untrusted' here at work :-P

    I was hoping to read this over lunch too...

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