Man, That’s A Lot Of Gotham City Impostors DLC

Man, That’s A Lot Of Gotham City Impostors DLC

Gotham City Impostors doesn’t hit Xbox Live until tomorrow, but you can get all of the Gotham City Impostors DLC you could ever want today. For a price.

The game now has over one hundred selections of downloadable costume pieces, ranging in price from $US1 to $US4 (80-320 MSP). Looks like players that want more than just the in-game unlockable costumes will have to pay up.

It seems that not even Batman is immune to the allure of micro-transactions.

Thanks for the tip, Edo!


  • They aren’t even selling it in packs? They’re selling individual pieces?
    And you have to pay for the game?
    Man this game is sounding worse and worse.

  • Hrm. Hopefully this is an alternate-unlocking kind of deal where the content is available in game through levelling up, or by paying for it.

    Because I’m not paying for hats.

  • I bought this yesterday and had a couple of problems. First, it uses GFWL. I mean seriously, it actually uses GFWL. If I had’ve known that, I wouldn’t have bought it, period. Matchmaking system is awful – but that may have been because it’s day one, I don’t know. I paid $15 for it, and it has ‘premium’ items coming out of it’s proverbials? Oh dear.

    Once I actually got into a game it was a lot of fun – I love the idea and the way it’s been implemented. I’ll give it some more time tonight and see how I go, but there’s a fairly sour taste in my mouth thus far.

  • It’s a blatant copy of Team Fortress and a bad copy at that. If they want to sell this much DLC make the game F2P. I was planning on getting this until I played the pathetic beta, this just reinforces my decision to not purchase the game. I’m fine with DLC in games like TF2 and LoL as they are F2P but I’m not paying for a game with this much content missing.

    • I couldn’t get a connection in the Beta – what’s the point of playing a MP game if you can’t connect to a match – seriously coloured my impression of this game.

  • All this “DLC” is unlockable by playing through the game. It’s just on the marketplace for people who can’t be arsed.

  • Bahahahaha so many ill-advised people posting, even ones that said they’ve played the game!
    You don’t have to buy this gear, you can unlock it in game, its just for people who are impatient, you can buy it without getting in game coins.

    helps to play at least one match of the game before making assumptions….

  • Does this game actually PLAY like TF2 or just has an item shop…

    I got the impression it was a really nice blend of the military shooter style and arena shooter style.

  • GCI is great, it’s not a blatant rip of TF2, it’s more like playing Cod with Superheroes mod [the one from CS 1.6, not sure if there’s more than one version of superhero mod]

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