Man, That’s A Lot Of PlayStation Vitas

Man, That’s A Lot Of PlayStation Vitas

Yesterday we broke the news that three major Australian retailers would not be stocking the PlayStation Vita, but stock is still arriving for specialist retailers and, today, the PlayStation Blog posted some pics of stock destined for Australia. Damn, that’s a lot of PlayStation Vitas…

Man, That’s A Lot Of PlayStation Vitas

The launch of the PlayStation Vita in Australia will be an interesting one — I’m really keen to see precisely how it does. There’s no doubt that it’s a hefty piece of kit, and that OLED screen is a big deal for me, but I wonder just how engaged the Vita’s target audience will be with an expensive handheld gaming device now that smartphones are ubiquitous. I wonder if this pic is a response to news that not all retailers are stocking the device — a kind of ‘screw you, the PlayStation Vita will be a success here!’

Man, That’s A Lot Of PlayStation Vitas

Still, that’s a lot of PlayStation Vitas.


      • if we zoom in on that reflection on the floor, enhance the picture, rotate it, we can get the ID badge of a worker, then using the Internet, we can instantly find out Name, Age, DOB, Employment and their favourite tv shows, and be able to track down the warehouse

  • After the disappointment of the 3DS and the fact that Kairosoft games only last a day before getting repetetive, I’m really pumped for the Vita. It’ll be good to have some actual good games to play while I’m away from home.

    Sure, the 3DS has Mario Land, but I finished that 100% in a few days and Mario Kart 7 is stupid, the blue shell is OP and most of the online races are luck based and people abuse shortcuts. Nintendo is stupid for not allowing patches on their games.

    Here’s hoping online BlazBlue isn’t as unbalanced as SSIV3DS was.

    • “and Mario Kart 7 is stupid, the blue shell is OP and most of the online races are luck based and people abuse shortcuts. Nintendo is stupid for not allowing patches on their games.”

      You must be new to Mario Kart… That’s how it always has, is and will be (though I do wish they’d patch games instead of releasing a whole new game as a ‘patch’)

      • Mario Kart DS was a lot better. The items were better balanced, and if someone shot a blue shell at you you could brake and fall behind to second, and it would retarget them. Also, the snaking put a lot of emphasis on skill rather than cheap item luck.

        Mario Kart 7 is just crummy…

        • No, the blue shell is always locked onto whoever was 1st when it was fired. If you were really good, you could boost just before it slams down and avoid it, but generally you were better off braking so that 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc) get caught in the blast.
          Mario Kart has always tried to make things “fair” by having random chance/luck, and its part why the dash for the end is exciting (and coming first from the start isnt such a good idea).
          And snaking actually ruined things, hence why they took it out in later revisions

    • I’m kinda wondering how you can “abuse” shortcuts. Aren’t they there to be used, by the people who know about them?

  • I wanted one of these incredibly bad, but if Big W pulls out that means i cant get one any time soon and i cant afford to order one in from elsewhere. I know you’re marketing to core gamers sony but some of the “core” gamers dont live in towns with JB, EB or GAME. I know my one sale doesnt mean anything to them but it doesn’t stop me from being pissed off! Haha.

        • If you can’t afford one, what difference does it make who’s stocking it and who’s not? I’m sure you could find one online for the same or less than BigW would have charged. Unless you work at BigW and get some hefty employee discount or something?

          • No but my partner does and we get a discount. So its almost always cheaper and it does make a difference. Also i have a slipped disc and i dont have private health insurance, so money is incredibly scarce. Is there any other personal details you’d like? C’mon man, i was just offering an opinion i shouldn’t have to justify everything should i?

          • I’m sure importing the console would amount to a cheaper price compared to buying it from Big W inclusive of the discount..

          • don’t mean to be that guy, but you gotta assume that if you give an opinion that people are going to be automatically curious as to why, that’s how it works… no reason to become all worked up about it, it’s not like he was asking any personal details

          • My opinion was their should be vitas at Big W as i live in a town with it as the only option available to me and i cant afford to get it elsewhere. What else can i add to that? I assumed that there might be a few that agreed with me and no one would really be interested by the minor/private details such as money, where i live etc. Cut me some slack man I thought i explained myself but obviously not. From now on i will go into great amount of detail so there is no confusion.

          • not going to get into a flamewar here dude, the guy above was just being curious because he was trying to offer alternatives and was clearly being curious/friendly/suggestive, you obviously took it the wrong way, but no reason to be so defensive about it, welcome to the internetz

          • Well i didnt think i was in a flamewar, i thought i was in a discussion. I’m just trying to be polite and answer everything thats asked of me. Please don’t think i’m taking it the wrong way, i’m just trying to be helpful.

          • no worries mang, i just wanted to clarify… this community tends to be a bit more involved and help each other out, so we’re not trying to pull out personal details, merely offer alternatives 😀

            seriously though, hope your back is okay

          • Woah, I missed all that since posting my comment.

            Sorry if I didn’t make my point clearly… I wasn’t having a go at you or anything. I was just trying to help by pointing out that if you couldn’t afford to pay more than what Big W would have probably charged then you could probably find a similar or better price online, which then wouldn’t matter what stores you had near to where you live.

            Can’t we all just get along?!?!

          • I think people may have not understood why you couldn’t afford it elsewhere, since you didn’t mention you recieved a discount at Big W in your original post.
            Your reasoning makes perfect sense, but without context it seemed quite odd.
            Hope your back doesn’t cause you too much grief.

    • Wise decision. I too will be getting the wifi edition. I can’t justify the 3G one in anyway. I mean not even its existence.

      • I don’t think it will be as disappointing as the 3DS was, but that doesn’t mean it wont be a flop either. I think the real disappointment will be the release games with their control schemes forcing you to have to play the games with the touch screens, causing you to lose concentration on what you’re doing just because you were supposed to lightly caress the back touch pad instead of pushing the X button. I know the main feature of the device is the unique controls, two touch screens, montion controls yada yada yada. But when they force the control style down your throat just to show you that it can do those things is just going to get frustrating. I’ll always remember the first Uncharted where you had to use the six axis to balance on logs as you walked over them. That was a novel idea at the time, it was cool the first time, but got old quickly. It never came back in the second or third games.

        But with all that said, i’m still looking forward to the Vita.

        • The vast majority of games give you the option of using normal controls instead of touch controls in most situations.

    • I’ve been saying this for months. We’ve been testing a to-be-released game on the vita for a few months and not one of the testers is happy with the Vita, let alone would consider buying one.
      Definite flop.

      • Yet the majority of reviews have been positive-very positive…
        That seems odd.
        What is it that testers don’t like about it?

      • I’m sure that you wouldn’t be able to say what the game is, but for arguments sake, if the game being tested on the Vita was on the PS3/something else, would the experience be any better?

        Just curious to know whether if it could be the content and not the platform, I mean I would have hated to test a game like Hanna Montana, the content isn’t appealing to me, but it would be something I just have to do as part of my job.

        As Effluvium Boy mentions, there has been positive reviews about alot of games, and my opinion on the Vita is that it’s just another PSP with a few extras, I loved my PSP and I feel as though I will get just as much love out of the Vita, specifically with the extra analogue stick now.

        • HAHA! An old flatmate of mine was a tester on a DS Hannah Montanna game!
          He went through stages of grief: Anger, Denial, Acceptance, etc.

      • Just about every mainstream review for this thing has been positive , with particular praise given to the hardware and its price. Criticising its software lineup is one thing, but writing the Vita off due to a pre-release copy and device is a bit premature.

    • I’m still curious why some people out thereseem to want this to flop, or are seemingly highly interested in the prospect of it failing. I’m going to assume a portion is fandom, jealousy, or maybe just a straight lack of funds. Why would anyone honestly wish for this to fail?

      Competition breeds better products for the consumer, so even if you’re the biggest Sony or Nintendo fanboy under the sun, your rival’s products succeeding will improve the likelihood of your chosen product benefitting. It’s not complicated.

      Seems bitter, or maybe just a little immature to me.

      • Right on every count. I noticed when doing the round on my gaming news sites and forums there are a lot of people who seem to be heavily invested in the hope that this product fails. I, for the life of me, can’t understand why that is.

      • Why do you think it would win? Is the better question.
        Anyone can dissect claims of whether it’ll be a flop or not, it’s easy since it’s down to opinion and not fact. (opinion of facts sometimes too)

    • There’s been NO marketing, except hand drawn signs in front of GAME and EB saying “Pre-order PS Vita and get Uncharted!”. If it doesn’t flop, I’d be pretty damn surprised.

      Look at Japan! The PSP is selling more units!!

  • Pretty sure what happened in Japan will happen here – good first week/two weeks then nothingness….

    I hope that isn’t the case but after the 3 major retailers have pulled out here in OZ and it is now being stocked only in specialist stores most people who would want one will either get it day 1 or wait for a price drop.

    • They didn’t pull out. Sony chose not to supply them for the launch as part of their marketing strategy. It may be flawed, but it’s Sony’s decision, not the retailers’.
      It’s possible that they will stock units in future.

      • Yeah thats the response i got, they sounded keen on doing it in the email but i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Nothing to do with retailers pulling out.

      Sony didn’t want them to stock because it’s targeting a different demographic. Come on. Read before you write.

  • So goddamn excited. 3G Vita with 16GB memory card, UMvC3 and Army Corps of Hell preordered and paid. I also have a Voda prepaid data SIM sitting waiting too. [fidget] Haven’t had console excitement for a long time, I’ve missed it so.

      • Are you importing? Every retailer Ive asked confirms they’re not getting the 32GB card – I read Australia wasn’t getting them, at least initially. Probably due to stock shortage or just the plain fact we’re Australian and don’t really matter.

        • I’ve got 32GB ready to go, ordered from a Japanese ebayer at a much better price than PlayAsia. Look around, you’ll find them if you want to.

          • Locating them was never an issue, I was just more concerned as to whether compatibility could be 100% confirmed or not. I know it’s only a memory card, but you know how manufacturers are these days – I’d hate to spend over $100 on say, a JP 32GB memory card, only to find it doesn’t work with my AU Vita.

          • you’re right, I’m gambling on a format doing the trick.

            I’ve never been a good gambler though…

          • Realistically, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll just deal with a 16GB until I’m sure. =)
            Be interested to find out what the results are!

  • Great, now the game collector part of me is all hyped up and wanting to buy it, even though I have convinced myself to wait for it to be cheaper with more games and possibly a new model….. no… stop…. can’t afford…. must… pay…. council rates!

  • So if they are all Vita palettes, then we have 4 deep, 2 high and 12/13 long and approx 500 per palette… that puts the shipment in range of 48,000 to 52,000 and that seems about right.

    I think the PSP did 30,000 to 40,000 in the first few weeks and that was after a 9-12 mth delay on the Japan release, 6 months on the US also. Launching at the same time as the US and only 3 months after Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a decent sell through. GAME aren’t taking anymore Wifi preorders and with less stores stocking the Vita, they’d be getting a decent chunk of stock, not as much as EB. Also depends on the Wifi/3G ratio, but again WiFi will move, 3G versions are likely to remain on the shelves.

  • SECOND PHOTO: I would guess there are 16 Vitas in one of those boxes, and 24 boxes in one pallet, and there are about 72 pallets just in that photo (9 deep, 9 wide, 2 high). So if my calculations are correct, there are about 27,000 Vitas just in that tiny photo. That’s a damn lot of Vitas.

  • Bring ’em on, I say, for the people with the cash to buy them. I’m massively jealous of those above who have paid-off preorders of bundles of cool stuff.
    Damn the student lifestyle.

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