Marilyn Monroe Eats Pizza, Sleeps Alone In The Sims

Sims modder Pixel Pixies brings a level of wholesome sex appeal to EA's Sims 3 with her Marilyn Monroe skin, turning a modern family drama into a flick from the '50s.

I've never been able to get into the Sims games, but I remember spending a lot of time with earlier iterations importing mods and skins because, well, there's something about how mundane the game is that makes such user-made objects and items seem more transformative.

Just like we see here.

Pixel Pixies has way more stuff than just this Marilyn gear; if you like messing around with The Sims, you should check out her site.

Pixel Pixies, Sims Addict [Pixel Pixies, via Gamer Grrlz]


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