Mario Meets Godzilla In These Awesome Monster Movie Posters

Olly Moss does it again with these great posters for a very different, though still very Japanese take on the Mushroom Kingdom.

If you're wondering what the text says, it's "Super Mario".

スーパーマリオ [Olly Moss]


    Stop posting. Please.

      While I am one of Luke's critics, one of many, this article doesn't bother me too much, short as it is. Sure, he could have made the image linked to the largest version ( but at least it's video games, unlike someone shoplifting a bunch of One Piece manga.

        I'd rather read that article than "Here's a picture I found" posts.

    What do you mean 'still very Japanese'. Godzilla & Mario are Japanese...

      Is it me or does this actually bear little resemblance to Godzilla?

    If you don't like the articles, then don't read them. Simple as that. Some people appreciate this stuff so you coming in here going "Hurr durr article short hurr durr" doesn't help anyone. I like these sorts of things, so why write an essay when all that needs to be said is what it is and give a link?

      I agree. I'm getting sick of all the negative commenters. If people dont like stuff, good for them but I really don't want to read about it, they can bitch to their friends and family or someone who actually gives a f**k

        Do you see the irony in writing a comment criticising the writing of people who write comments that criticise the writing of people?

    Haters gonna hate...

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