Marvel At Sony's Amazing Gravity Rush Whiteboard Drawing

Sony invited a group of Japanese press to its offices to check out upcoming PS Vita game Gravity Rush. These types of tours can start to blur into each other, with game developers giving the press the hard sell. But this tour had something I'd never seen before: whiteboard drawings!

The game creators created these stunning whiteboard illustrations to welcome the press. Just look! Beautiful.

Sadly, the drawings were erased at the end of the day, and the whiteboards were wiped clean.

Gravity Rush, or Gravity Daze as it's called in Japan, will be released in The Land of the Rising Sun on Feb. 9. Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill, is the game's Creative Director.

スタジオ見学ツアーをレポート [4Gamer]


    Man that's awesome! Too bad it was drawn and eventually erased on a whiteboard...

    Gravity Rush is still the only Vita game I really want

    I'm looking forward to a bunch of Vita games, but this one the second most, after Persona 4 The Golden.

    I want this game... If only they would settle on a release date.

    Can we also get articles on what the creators eat for dinner and what their pee schedule is?

      Geez, calm down. How is the image not awesome? It's cool...

        Yes but this isn't reddit and it sure as hell ain't DA. It's not like this is sketchbook work in designing game characters or levels. This is, as I implied, just as relevant to gaming as what game creators eat or when they piss.

          Totally! I only wish to be exposed to game related art in the confined context of concept art blog posts, and maybe the odd book!

          How dare these fucks show off their creativity and enthusiasm, while garnering some good publicity for their own project using an unconventional medium!

            I'm sorry but drawing on a whiteboard is news worthy how?

            Like I said, hit up DA if you want that kind of stuff.


            There's the link in case you have trouble finding it.

              Oh it seems you missed the memo, friend! There's now a site that caters to your game-only needs so you can keep yourself informed about when the Modern Gears of Warfare 4 or whatever FPS game the cool kids play nowadays will ship without having to be exposed to all this unnecessary fluff and trash:


                I loved PA's response to this. (

                Really it should be like news sites. Kotaku Core *is* the main site and all these little general interest and fun fact articles should be in a separate sub-section. Although, Kotaku is whatever the owners want it to be I guess, so if they want to change the focus and content then that's up to them, and the readers who don't like it just have to find another site.

    You know you're right, fuck that, cool whiteboard drawings are totally frivolous...

    In fact video games in general are just a total waste of time.

    If you want something really "newsworthy" go here

      Oh no, you've got it all wrong.

      Computer and video game news and reviews are totally worthwhile. Now, it's not your fault you think drawing on a whiteboard is up there with THQ's financial issues or the discussion of Sony's moves with the PS Vita. Some people are just special. Now go back to making cut-outs with your safety scissors and being fascinated by the wonders of primary colours.

        THQ release too many crap games in a weakening economy. Their last worthwhile release was what, Saints Row 3? Their Aussie studios were tied down to making quick cash-in movie tie-ins with the exception of the de Blobs, how surprising is it, tragedy for the local industry notwithstanding, was it that they folded? Otherwise they've been releasing whatever drips that they've been able to milk out of... their Warhammer 40K license? Oh I know UFC! Awesome! Their financial issues are hardly surprising. In fact since the last game I bought from them that I can say without qualification that I thoroughly enjoyed was Psychonauts, I could not give a rat's ass about THQ.

        And Sony's moves with the PS Vita? We all know that one of, if not the primary killers of the PSP was its perceived lack of worthwhile games. Now a Sony studio is actively courting the press trying to drum up support for its title for the PSP's successor, much hype has been made over Uncharted, and the other ones, screenshots, gameplay vids etc. This is coming at things from a different angle, enticing the press with something that, while obviously not a committee designed pitch to woo investors, but is instead a quirky, fun, mini-showcase of the creativity and skill of the art team to attract attention and maybe stir some media interest, leading to better reportage and maybe translating into increased sales of the product.

        It's cool though, I'll go back to the primary colours and paper cut-outs, maybe experiment with some rudimentary stop-motion animation (I've always wanted to try my hand at traditional animation by the way). But you should really try getting the bug out of your ass and stop equating the posts by one guy on one video game site as the be-all-end-all of commentary on this wonderful medium.

    Safe to say most readers click on Ashcraft articles to fondly read comments by Chazz. Just wouldn't be the same.

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