Mass Effect 3 Cover Art Has Decidedly Feminine Side

The Femshep love-fest spreads from trailer to box art, as BioWare's official unboxing of the two-disc Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 reveals reversible cover art for fans of Shepard's female form.

Turn the sheet around, got to have my Femshep. Don't turn it upside-down, however, because then the whole song reference falls apart.

I'll be turning this puppy inside-out on day one. Who's with me?

Mass Effect 3: Unboxing [YouTube]


    I've always wondered why they made her so ugly...

      uhh, they didn't?

      1) If you think that's ugly then you either have ridiculously high standards or serious issues. Cue "2/10 would not bang" meme.

      2) I've always wondered why they made female(and male) characters stupidly attractive, but that's because I prefer videogames to beauty contests.

    Why not have one gendered Shepard on one side and the other gendered Shepard on the back side? Nobody cares about the screenshots and such on the back and people who are buying it are already fans.

      I thought that's what they did with the hard covered collections edition. I remember reading that, but it was a long time ago and BioWare aren't good on details.

      What kind of logic is that? Why should anyone bother marketing anything? I mean, the only people who are going to buy your product are the people who know about it already.

    Who's going to be the person to go through this frame by frame to try and grab that online code? :P

    He didnt cover it quick enough!


    Cue the hate against "Hamburger Helper"

    That music form afterlife at the end is so dam good

    It's funny how he covers the online code. But places it facing up on the table..

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