Mass Effect 3 DLC Triggers Fan Outrage, BioWare Response

Some Mass Effect devotees have expressed disgust at developer BioWare's decision to release paid downloadable content alongside Mass Effect 3's launch, taking to message boards and Reddit to complain about what some have called a "disgusting" business practice.

As Kotaku broke yesterday, Mass Effect 3's first piece of DLC is called From Ashes. BioWare has since confirmed that it will be available on the game's release day, March 6, for $US10 as a download or free to anybody with the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition.

Release-day DLC has been a subject of much controversy in the gaming community. After all, some have argued, if a piece of content is ready for a game's release day, why would a publisher charge extra for it?

Warning: The following contains spoilers about the nature of Mass Effect 3's DLC.

As some fans have also pointed out, the From Ashes campaign may contain plot-critical content. It features a party member from the Prothean race, which, according to Mass Effect lore, has been extinct for thousands of years.

"EA [and] BioWare should know this is an unacceptable practice to cut out such a vital part of the story [and] lore of a game and resell it as DLC," writes Reddit user Shushplz. "Will not be buying Mass Effect 3 whatsoever and have already cancelled my [Star Wars: The Old Republic] subscription because of it. Sad that it had to come to this but the price of the added DLC is not worth what little dignity I have left."

Following the outrage, Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson took to Twitter to defend the company's decision.

"It takes about 3 months from 'content complete' to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs," he tweeted. "In that time we work on DLC... On [Mass Effect 3], content creators completed the game in January and moved onto the From Ashes DLC, free with the [Collector's Edition] or you can buy separately."

BioWare associate producer Michael Gamble also spoke up, posting on the BioWare official forums to explain the situation to fans:

"The Prothean is optional content that is certainly designed to appeal to long-time fans, which is why he is part of the CE offering," he said. "Mass Effect 3 is a complete –- and a huge game — right out of the box. The content in From Ashes was developed by a separate team (after the core game was finished) and not completed until well after the main game went into certification.

"The Collector's Edition has been sold out in most places for some time now, and is becoming very hard to find (many players prefer not to purchase the digital version). As such, we wanted to make this content available so that [Standard Edition] buyers could also incorporate the Prothean into their game."


    sweet i got collectors edition on the way.

    Why are people so surprised? Lol

    No probs here. I got the collectors edition anyway.

      Shiiit, I am so glad I decided to put my money down on a CE when I did.

    I don't get what the outrage here is. They've said for a long time now that the collectors edition comes with extra content, and now all they've done is made that content available for other to buy separately.

      The outrage is very justified imho. You have to pay however much for the game, lets say conservatively 100, though I would feel terrible for you if you payed that much. when the game arrives and you load it up there will no doubt be a nice big message saying "hey! check out this awesome dlc, not only does it cost 10% of what you payed for the game for just 1 mission, but we are also going to throw in this massive spoiler in the dlc description for free!"

      while your at it how about pay for some weapons, and some outfits for your team. EA disgusts me. Bioware dissapoints me more than anything but i knew it would happen the day they were bought out. Now excuse me while i go enjoy the witcher 2 before the same thing happens to cdproject

        But this isn't news, they've said that since announcing the CE. You get extra DLC with the CE. It's like buying the directors cut of a film on DVD over the standard version. All they've done here is offer the extra content to people who didn't pay extra for the CE originally.

          The problem is it's a bloody prothean! This should be included in the game because it represents a pretty big plot point. What this also means is that the prothean squad member will have little or no impact on the plot. Just a throw away cast member - "Oh hai, have a prothean too!".
          It should have been a keanu reeves 'whoa' moment in the game...

            How do you know the impact of this on the plot of the game??? Maybe the opening scene is the entire Prothean race waking up from sleep or something, and brain washing everyone to think they've been there all alone. You've got no idea how this character is introduced in the DLC, or how it interacts with the rest of the game.

          Not everyone looked into what the CE offered... to be honest I'm mostly pissed that they've taken what should have been an awesome incredible reveal (i.e. that a live flipping Prothean has just been chilling somewhere for the past 50,000 years), and spoiled it for anyone who gave two sh!ts about the plot in an attempt to grub more moneys from customers.

          If the squad member was anyone else, I wouldn't be annoyed. Hell I'd still probably get it. But as it stands... real d!ck move.

        Look, the outrage is that this was a last minute announcement, after I'd decided to pass up on the collectors edition (because it seemed largely cosmetic or for super completists). But to suddenly announce this was going to be part of the deal, WEEKS after I'd preordered? OH, THANKS A BUNCH EA, you rooted my ability to make an informed choice in my purchasing preferences. Suddenly, the collectors edition seems like a better deal. Is that what they wanted? probably. Has it blown up in their faces? in negative publicity terms, yeah.

        Next time, I'll just wait till ME(insert number here) hits a GOTY edition or something.

          You guys are really silly - just because the extra crewmate is a Prothean doesn't mean that it should automatically be in the main plot line. In what universe does someone make that kind of logical leap?

          It's extra content from the collectors edition that you can purchase seperately. Normally I am all about hating on the crap DLC offerings that EA likes to drive at day one, but in this particular case it's hard to complain considering they are allowing you to ala carte purchase the useful game content from the CE.

          Suffice it to say I believe EA/Bioware is lying when they say that this was only developed after the "game was completed", but that's par for the course. Game companies are notorious liars - anything to make a buck is their motto and publishers are the worst, they don't even care about the quality of the shit they shovel.

          Sad to see BioWare morph into just another EA crack whore, but not entirely unexepected.

    Fans outrage directed at their favourite developer releasing content for them to play.

    You people need help.


      Why do people use this shitty argument?


      Yeah, for something that was developed before the game was even released and forcing us to pay more.

      "Fans outrage directed at their favourite developer releasing content for them to pay*.

      You people need help."

      There, fixed it for you!

    No wonder gaming has gone gradually easier, the way we carry on they must think were a pack of morons.

    Mass Effect 3 will be the first game I've pirated since I finished High School 6 years ago. Reason? I don't want to use Origin.

      So obviously you're going to buy it but just not install the bought copy.

        Of course he is. There isn't a pirate alive who hasn't purchased the retail copy.

        Well, maybe not just yet but they are totally going to this afternoon.

        Oh wait, they have a meeting this afternoon. Will have to get it maybe tomor- damn. Going on a holiday tomorrow. Have to wait till they get back.

        I always wonder about this - I tend to actually do this, buy the game and download the crack (I started doing this back when you needed the disc in the tray - now I do it to avoid services like Origin).

        Recently though I've been thinking - downloading the crack is still infringing their terms of service. I might as well just pirate the whole thing from a legal standpoint. There's still the moral question, I guess, but I don't like these trade off's between not playing, piracy, or bloatware.

          Good point.

          I'd consider CD cracks kind of like mods - they allow you to play the game you purchased in a slightly better manner.

          Skipping a CD check isn't something that affects them; getting the game for free when it's not available for free does.

          That's how I'd look at it.

        I quite clearly stated I'm going to pirate it. Not buy a copy and then download a crack. It's my way of protesting against Origin. You can call me morally bankrupt if you want, but it's not going to change my mind.

      It's self entitled bullshit like this that make developers come up with crappy DRM in the first place

    I'm not evangelical or anything, but I am going to go against consensus here and say I find the whole collectors edition bonus thing kind of frustrating. Not a deal breaker, just frustrating. I don't mind additional DLC, but I can't stand this trend of not being able to get all the release content because its spread across a bunch of stores, services, versions and demo's for other games. In this case, we're paying additional for a bonus character. On the one hand, that's kind of OK, but lets face it - there's maybe going to be 10 characters on the roster. Ten years ago, BG2 had closer to 40.

      Then you should love this, because they're making it available to people who don't buy the CE. It'll just cost you more.

        I think the additional price part annoys me just as much - I remember when collectors editions were just bonus trinkets, not actual parts of the game. Can't I just pay my monies and get the full experience. Why this tiered BS? This industry has changed man - kind of jaded about it.

    If what Casey Hudson says is legit then I find that to be a perfectly reasonable response to the Day 1 DLC.

    The entitled fanboy outrage is quite dumb though. After all their whining the truth is whether the DLC came out now or in two months, they would still buy it.

    It seems like even if the DLC is done that Bioware would be better off avoiding the headache and just keeping the DLC under wraps for a month or two.

      This is true! However, shouldn't a game be as good and as complete as possible when you decide that it has reached the "content complete" stage?
      Releasing content after the "content complete" stage is like a slap in the face imho.

      But then again, is there any DLC out there that made a game better?

    A couple of problems I have:
    The first is that as the article states, this isn't really an addition so much as seemingly critical content to the story within the game. Not having it in the original game and charging people a tenner for it is going to make people cynical.
    Secondly, there was a leak back in mid-2011 about this character. Now that's a lot longer than 3 months ago.

      But like every other leak about this game they denied it. MP?? Nooo there's no MP. A Prothean? Noooo. What gets me is they're saying it isn't cut from the main game. Yeah we'll see when PC gamers go snooping like they did with ME2 and found a bucket load of cut stuff that related to DLC.

        I'm sorry, I skipped that part where a company must admit every single secret during the production of a product when leaked so they can have said product essentially dissected before release!

          No one is saying they should admit anything. They're just very bad at keeping secrets, very bad. I guess it doesn't help that Micosoft deliberately let it slip about the Ashes DLC either.

    Maybe since it is being released as a DLC it isn't really critical to the story after all? :P

      and that's the problem. "Protheans Found Living After Believed To Be Extinct For 50,000 Years!" - optional side mission. TAKE BAK EARF HURR DURR

        ^Yes, but even more than that, their extinction was central to the main plot of the trilogy. The Reapers must be stopped because everyone will die just like they did to the Protheans. If that *ISN'T* the case, then that should be a pretty damned big deal with regards to the main plot.

        If this were just a background lore issue, like some 3rd tier race suddenly showing up again as a surprise, that'd be one thing. But this is front and center main plot stuff.

        There's no way it should be part of an 'unimportant and optional DLC'.

    Simple: You don't want it, don't buy it. As Hudson said, the work on the DLC is done on top of the work for the main game. The makers of the game get paid for that work, so it's only fair that they charge money for it...

    As for the ME "Lore" complaint, it's science fiction FFS... theres about 100 ways they could introduce a prothean character without ruining "lore". Anyone hear of cryogenics? Or perhaps cloning? My guess? One of the Prothean sleepers on Ilos (from ME1) probably survived.

    It just amazes me that so many people are willing to complain about a game they haven't played (unless you count the demo, which was never really going to contain many spoilers). If you don't wanna play it, then don't. Simple.

    I for one will be waiting with bated breath for the game to break street date!

      But you do recognise that "the main game" v "the DLC" is a pretty arbitrary distinction, right? Lots of "main games" contain a number of side or optional missions that are not critical to the core story and could easily be redefined as DLC by a suitably cynical/moneybgrubbing dev or publisher.

      I appreciate both sides of the argument, but the acceptance of day one DLC does, in general, seem to encourage companies to trim down their main offering in favour of a lot of paid add-ons.

        Yeah I get that. But As Hudson pointed out on his twitter feed, that there is a period of time where the main game's physical copies must be manufactured and shipped. It makes sense for them to continue working on extra content during this time, and release it as a free bonus for those who have bought the Collectors Edition. For those who feel it should be part of the main game, fair enough... but I guarentee they would be the first ones to complain if BioWare announced that they were pusing back the release date by a couple of months to add this extra content.

    I have no problem with DLC at launch. I have more of a problem if it feels like it should have been part of the game in the first place. Take the DLC of a Modern Warfare game for example, which is usually just map packs. It adds to the experience and doesn't feel like it should have been part of the game in the first place. Now for contrast, take Final Fantasy XIII-2's DLC. The ending of the game seems to be unfinished and the DLC seems posed to fill this gap. The latter is problematic because it destroys the trust of the consumer in a company to release a complete product and people ultimately feel cheated.

    'There's a sucker born every minute' seems to be the new slogan of the games industry, especially in regards to DLC. No matter how much us 'normal people' complain about $15 for three cod maps, or $10 for street fighter costumes, the uninformed masses will still buy them in droves.

    I don't see anything different happening with this. It will come out, suckers will buy it, and EA will do it again, knowing that people will still buy it.

    BTW: TotalBuscuit sums up pretty much exactly how I feel about this:

    Mass effect 3 was going to be a must-buy for me, but now i'm going to wait until I can find a cheap, used copy so I can avoid giving EA any money. That's right, i'd rather give my money to EB games than EA

      So, I'm part of the "uninformed masses" because I really enjoyed both MVC, and the Dark Avengers storyline, and felt like making Iron Man look like Iron Patriot in MVC3?

      I'm a sucker because Nightwing is my favourite DC Character (on par with the Bat himself), and I chose to pay $5, or whatever pittance it was, to unlock him as an extra in Arkham City?

      Get off your high horse, mate. The content that shipped with the game more than justified the cost of purchase. Extra content is available, and I'm willing to pay a bit more for it.

        Your not a sucker for wanting it, but paying the prices they're asking... I won't pay what their asking for costumes that for sure.

        Yes, you are a sucker for paying for MVC costumes. That's embarrassing.

      Was going to link TB as well. I'm with him on this (though I thought the demo sucked for a variety of reasons as well). Simple reality is development money for the game was spent on creating this DLC, it doesn't matter if they worked on it after the discs were being created, just have it as a free download on release day for anyone who buys new, you know like ME2 and Zaeed? Hell can't say I liked the way that was handled either, but imo this does just go too far, I can't think of a more plot relevant species to exclude from the main game.

        I'd wager if they have any structure at all down there the DLC was developed by it's own team with it's own budget (even if that team was comprised of people whose previous project was doing the exact same thing for the core ME3 game).

        It'd be naive to say that nobody ever cut content from the main game in order to make DLC, but with BioWare's planned post launch DLC support it seems rather silly to bother doing it that way. Would they really risk breaking the game just to save a months work by a team they'll have to employ to make the next few sets of DLC anyway?
        You're just focusing on the race of the new character and assuming it plays a vital part to the plot. From where I'm sitting it seems like if anything it's fan service that can't realistically be included in the main plot. A living Prothean would be a ridiculously big deal, so it'd be hard not to make it a centeral character which can't be removed.
        Instead it's in there as a bonus character. My guess is we'll find him in a Prothean stasis pod (like the ones in the first Mass Effect). We'll do his loyalty mission which will be pretty epic. Then he'll fade into the background for the rest of the game like any other side-kick.

          Of course he will, but his very existence is massive plot wise... super advanced intelligent species long thought extinct that the primary story of this Mass Effect trilogy is based on is found alive and well..... annnnnnd then sits in the back of Shepard's ship or if you don't want to spend $15, sits on a planet chilling. Ugh I'm not going to turn this into anymore of another rant about Bioware's abysmal writing

          As for the DLC aspect, why is there a budget for DLC before the game has been released? That's utterly contrary to the concept of DLC, if the publishers are willing to contribute more to the budget of the game BEFORE it's been released, then that budget should have been used on the full game itself. If your point is that sure they could have, but this way they get more money, then congratulations that's my point too, but it's still horrible business ethics, and that's what I'm opposed to. I just can't see any argument that doesn't admit it's a case of "screw customers, get money."

            Which of course a majority of customers may be just fine with, though even a passing understanding of logic is enough to know that doesn't necessarily make it right.

            You speculate on what the writing could be and then call it bad. How about just wait and see what actually occurs before branding it bad?

              Well there's this thing called reasonable assumptions. If an author releases 5 horrible books it's generally considered okay to assume the next will be bad too, and it's actually counter intuitive to assume it'll be good let alone okay.
              You see where I'm going....

            For your first point the way I'm seeing this is pretty much on par with having Anderson or Joker as a DLC character. It's not intended to be part of the game and the only reason why it would exist is because they think fans might enjoy playing with Joker on their team. Sure, they'll write a story so it makes sense, but it's not something they intended to put into the main game.
            I agree that it's stupid to inject it into actual ME canon like this, i just don't think it's a huge deal.

            As for the DLC aspect, why is there a budget for DLC before the game has been released?

            Because if you don't start working and planning it before release you end up releasing DLC months (sometimes years) after the players are done with the game.

            You're assuming that there's no budget or project management, and that the people funding the project just threw all the money they were willing to give at them right at the start. They don't just agree to pay the bills until everything is done.
            The reality is they say 'here's $50 to make the game, because that's how much we feel we're going to make back off the core game, and we'll also fund three packs of DLC with a budget of 20 because that's how much we feel we'll make on DLC all up'. BioWare use that $50 to employ three workers for two years. In that two years those guys make the core game. It's awesome. At about the one and a half year mark the engine is all up and running so they use that $20 to employ two other guys to make the DLC packs. The two projects overlap, and because of a delay caused by a massive glitch in the engine (something the DLC team has nothing to do with) all three DLC packs are ready to go before the core game has launched.
            Why would the DLC Team wait until Core Team was completely finished making all their maps, characters and missions before they began work on their maps, characters and missions? As long as the map maker works fine they can do their job. It doesn't matter if the Citadel is incomplete because they're not doing anything on the Citadel (and if they are, they can make all their stuff up using a fake Citadel that's just an empty room, then update it when the real Citadel is finished).
            You could argue that the publisher should just give them $70 and make the DLC packs part of the core game, but that's over investing in the project. They'll have to raise the price of the core game above that of a standard game which will hurt sales.

            Long story short, it costs money to make DLC and DLC creation can be done in a way that overlaps with core game creation. Why wouldn't they aks for extra money to make extra content, then start making that extra content as soon as possible?

            Again, I'm not naive enough to think that all developers and publishers are above cutting corners and holding back content to create DLC. I just think in cases where they're driving for long term post-launch DLC support there's not much point.

              I suppose I was always led to believe DLC is something you DON'T plan to release, rather it's something consider if the fans like the game, it sells well and you come up with ideas after release, as far as I'm aware that was the original idea/intent/rationale behind the concept of downloadable content. Obviously that's not the way it's treated anymore, but that doesn't make it less of a cop out for me, it's actually more distasteful that' businesses slowly twisted the concept (which is likely what they planned all along), to what we have as DLC now.

              Also you're sort of switching back and forth with your seperate team example here, I was going to mention it previously but you made sure to point out it's likely the people that were working on the core game, here you're saying it's a different team, to which I say, well then they're different people so have them work one the core game at the same time as the main developers so it's part of the core game. I assume your reason for noting that it's the same developers was to avoid that objection, but I can't say I understand your new over investment point at all. It's still invested in the same project whether it's DLC or not. Actually no that's not true, it's actually a more risky investment (as far as I can see) because DLC REQUIRES you to own the core Mass Effect 3 game, everyone who buys the core game has the option of buying DLC, but not everyone will. Nobody who doesn't buy ME3 will buy ME3 DLC.

              I was with you right up until
              "In that two years those guys make the core game. It’s awesome. At about the one and a half year mark the engine is all up and running so they use that $20 to employ two other guys to make the DLC packs"
              At that point, just hire them as part of the main team, as you pointed out development can overlap, the parts they're working on ARE ready by release.

              I'm not naive enough to think there's any goodwill toward the customer in the way developer/publishers like Bioware and EA handle DLC, that's all. Point in case, look at how CD Projeckt and Valve handle DLC, completely free updates, that to be perfectly honest I wouldn't have an issue with them charging for as long as they included any day 1 DLC for free, but no they go a step further and show you don't even NEED to charge for DLC and can still make a profit from their game continuing to sell, because they use the money they made initially to develop DLC, the way it was always intended.
              I'm naive enough to wish there was some business ethics still in play in that horrible capitalist world, wish, not expect or believe.

              Gamers hate paying for DLC, and should have it included in the original game even if it wasn't advertised because when they think of Mass Effect 3, they see any content released after the main game as cut content that should have been in the original game even if it wasn't advertised to them. That includes not just From Ashes, but Leviathan, Omega, and the final Citadel DLC to be packaged with the original game for the price of $60, because they think paying anything extra is too much.

              In the world of economics, the market decides how much something is worth. If you don't think this game is worth $120 with all the DLC, don't buy it. If you don't like companies who make post-release content, don't buy from those companies.

              To want a full complete game at release just reeks of their need for instant gratification. They think that paying any more than $60 is too much for a game, even though games 20 years ago would cost $60-70 dollars ($120 of today's money).

              Get a job you lazy bums. Capitalism is a system where you exchange money for goods and services. Not get goods and services for free that weren't supposed to be included with the original game without exchanging any money

    Day one DLC as a means of encouraging new purchases, fair enough. Day one DLC to add extra content to the story, that effectively jacks up the price of the game in the US to $70, totally un-called for.

    It's a shame I'm too addicted to SWTOR to cancel my sub, but I definitly won't be picking up ME3 on release.

      +1 I agree with Jordaan. Guess we're just suckers, huh?

        Damn, clicked the wrong reply link. Should have been the one above

    They could have at least pretended they made the content after release.

    I agree, it is a disgusting practice. But they did this with Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2, so why are people so surprised?

    I can understand releasing DLC with preorders/online passes, because publishers get no money from second hand sales, but I agree that day one DLC is a moneygrab.

    Day One DLC, and even On-Disc DLC are fine as a concept.

    The question you have to ask yourself if, does the content that ships with the game justify the cost of purchase? Is it a complete game without the DLC?

    If so, then DLC is EXTRA CONTENT. Prepare to pay EXTRA for it. That is reasonable.

    HOWEVER, if the game by itself is incomplete, or contains not enough content to justify the purchase, then the DLC is just twisting that blade, and should've been incorporated into the game.

      Frankly they're unavoidable. If you plan on releasing DLC a month after launch it's a safe bet that your core game will be delayed while your DLC will continue moving along as projected (it's just models, maps and voice, engine bugs have no impact on DLC construction), thus pushing your DLC release date ahead of the core release date.
      If a game doesn't have day one DLC then you've really got to ask if they plan to support it with DLC at all. I know personally I'd rather the well planned DLC setup we had with Mass Effect 2 over the super slack DLC setup we had with the original.

      The question you have to ask yourself if, does the content that ships with the game justify the cost of purchase? Is it a complete game without the DLC?

      So so so true. If I buy the next big multiplayer FPS and it has thirty multiplayer maps, it doesn't really matter if they're sitting on a further fifty maps because thirty maps is pretty damn fair for the ticket price.

    I agree that it seems foolish to release the DLC on Day 1. However, had they released it later, people would still be questioning why it was not a built in part of the game.

    My one complaint is that people won't stop complaining about EA and Bioware driving up the price. So what if it costs $70 in the US in total, in Australia it costs us $100 and we get it later than them.

    Doesn't matter anyway, I bought the Collectors Edition

    I'd love to know the age of the people who whinge about this all the time. To combat piracy the publishers add free dlc to these releases to entice people to snap up games on release rather than grab it 2nd hand or cheap.

      It's probably not a mautirty related thing. Some people see DLC (particularly day one DLC) as something their original purchase entitles them to, others see it as extra content. Glass is half empty, glass is half full kind of deal. One side are suckers the other are cynical.

      How could this possibly combat piracy - its used games all the way. If anything, it might push some people to piracy because their resale has been devalued.

      Susan, you'll probably find that alot of the people who complain are generally older. They remember times when you didn't have to pay for this shit.

        Right. Expansion packs were always given out free of charge.

          I don't remember expansion packs containing one mission/one squad member

    I may be a little biased, as i got the Special addition as standard practice with Bioware games. I love what they do, and in the past have enjoyed the little bonuses included with the expensive versions of the game. Someone above mentioned costumes for around $10...for a fighting game. Yeah, that's pretty sleazy, but on the other hand, for the same price you get a mission, and more delicious diologue in ME3.

    Yes, it's a little annoying to see it this early, but a few months down the track, 10 dollars for a mission and a Prothean would have sounded amazing! We all enjoyed the Shadow broker, no? This looks to be about the same amount of syuff (New species included) and if it's the same level of fun, then i'm happy to have it at the get go.

    EA knew about this months ago as the character was in the leaked documents. SO their talk of it was made after the game was complete is a lie. The dlc is cut game content.

    I don't get it. Don't buy the DLC if it's so terrible they did this. I won't be, ME3 should be a complete title out of the box, so that's what i'll play. Just like every other game.
    Non issue.

      Consensus reached.
      Non issue declared.
      All programs continue primary functions.

    Rofl all this rage and none of you mentioned the fact the game will be cheaper of Origin than via a bricks and mortar ripoff like EB. I paid $99 for the CE EB wont list it anymore but it was what $130 like the console ones? rofl.... You all so bad

    Your all trolling yourselves.

      maybe but you dont get any resell or collectable value, or the choice to lend to family and firends. You are also lose rights and are subject to the origin terms and condisitions that tell you when you can play and how and you also are subject to the fact that if you do not use your items for a set period then you can lose them all together.

    Umm why not read and understand the reason for the backlash this DLC is getting before labeling it a non issue.

    A significant part of the story has been cut out and is now DLC. Not a side story but a a key part of the franchise's main story. Thats unethical.

    EA games have online passes to encourage gamers to buy games brand new yet you dont get full game when buying the game new. Love this franchise but aint paying full price for this. Waiting for a price drop.

    Greedy EA and Bioware.

      Agreed. The majority of these comments are completely missing the issue.

      The main complaint ISN'T that there's day one DLC, but that it's a bloody PROTHEAN! If you have never played the ME series then you can't possibly imagine how central this is to the entire series.

      As someone above also commented, TotalBiscuit rages the key points very clearly.

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