Mass Effect 3 'Take Back The Earth' Trailer Extended Cut Doubles The Excitement

First there was the teaser. Then the full trailer. Now BioWare has unleashed an even longer version of the excellent Mass Effect 3 "Take Back the Earth" video, with nearly 90 seconds of additional footage.

At the rate this thing is growing I give it a week before this transforms into a full two hour theatrical movie.


    dat cinematic quality.

    After feeling dirty playing the demo as a different Shepard I've decided to not watch any more trailers our anything before I play the hasn't. Has anyone else had a same feeling?

      I also played the demo for all of 5 minutes before thinking, "I dont want to spoil the story." Now to gather my save file from 1 and 2...

    the geth husks were cool
    Should be an epic game ^_^

    One of these days I'll be able to watch that trailer past 49 seconds. Seriously, I've refreshed, clicked on the link and closed/opened my browser more than a few times just to watch the trailer, but every time. EVERY. TIME. The video stops 'buffering' at 49 seconds (and once at 59 seconds).

    Gulp! I'm replaying my pc version of me2 so that I can make the right choices and keep everyone alive for me3... I'VE STILL GOT TO PLAY LAIR OF THE SHADOW BROKER TOO!!! O_O

    heh besr comment ever from youtube:

    "Tried uploading to pornhub but they deleted it for being too hardcore..."


    Geth husks... Go play mass effect 2. The husks are Reaper tech not geth tech.

    Looks like that sniper in Big Ben from the ME3 reveal trailer gets blown away.

    I just started playing ME1 again and will have to replay ME2 again. I still have saves from a while ago but it just feels right replaying the prequels to ME3 as part of the build up. SWTOR and BF3 will be alright without me for a week or two.

    Does anyone else see how forced and "PC" the fact that there's a little GIRL playing with spaceship toys in this trailer is?

    It's like Bioware is trying to preemptively cut the morons off at the pass before they start saying "Bioware is saying that girls can't play with spaceships!".

      No. In fact I wouldn't have even given it a second thought until you bought it up. :p


    Wasn't there also a little boy playing with a spaceship in the demo....but in the trailer its a girl

    well i had always thought Mass Effect was meh till i saw the trailers on three.

    Now for the first time I'm playing ME1, will try to do ever quest and such, do the same on ME2, for the build up into ME3.

    hopefully my computer can run ME3

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