Mass Effect 3's Spectacular 'Take Back The Earth' Trailer Gives Us All A Reason To Fight

If last week's teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3 got your juices flowing, you might want to grab a towel before watching the full 90 second version that aired during tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.

In case you were curious about the fate of the young girl in last week's teaser, it doesn't look good. When Shepard and company finally make it to the field she was playing in only a broken toy serves as proof she was ever there.

And that, my friends, is why we fight. For little unnamed sunflower girl. I say that become our battle-cry in multiplayer.

All together now, "For Sunflower Girl!"


    That trailer is Blizzard-esque, and I mean that as high praise.

    I can't freakin wait for this game.

    Waiting for the full version... Still a good trailer.

      According to the official Bioware Youtube channel, the extended cut will be released on the tomorrow (

        Wdnesday actually since it's Sunday for them.

          Yeah, my bad. This place needs an edit function. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge kotaku*

            nah you can't have people editing comments. otherwise it makes debates and arguments ridiculous, when people keep going back and changing what they said.

      Music in the trailer is 'Black Blade' by Two Steps from Hell.

      I get goosebumps every time they use these epic tunes in game trailers.

        Every now and then I get the urge to watch the ME2 trailer with Heart of courage. So good.

        Two Steps from Hell appear in a LOT of game and movie trailers. Fantastic - I always thought "Am I not Human?" would suit Mass Effect... feels a little more epic science fiction. My favourite track would have to be 'Undying Love'.

    You know whats really cliché these days?
    The slow motion jump in the air towards an opponent, before reverting back to normal speed and stabbing them.

    And, people, make sure you spam the hell out of Kotaku the second ME3 breaks street date!

      This. And little girls lying down before imminent shitstorms in trailers. Didn't the same thing kinda happen in the Dead Island trailer?

        This trailer was waaaay too cliche and corny for me. Was it really necessary to smash people in the face and charge towards them, despite the fact that you have perfectly good guns?

          Welllll when you think that the Husks move to close range combat, I suppose a few are going to get through. I know they did in my games. Besides what looks more action packed: Lines of fire or Shep smashing Husks in da face?

          Anyway, good trailer.

      I believe the correct answer is "everything in this trailer".
      But dammit it's so enjoyable!

    Sweet Mother of Mercy! BRING IT!

    This trailer is so generic. So bad. This is like trying to sell Halo by making an ad composed entirely of voice clips from 12 year olds on Xbox Live. It's missing the good parts, and replacing it with. Well, that.

    Not to mention that this is the second time they've pulled the "heartwarming child IS DEAD. SO DEAD!" shtick for this game.

      The demo clearly demonstrates that the combat is thoroughly awesome. And why would they waste their marketing budget advertising to people interested in the story? The people interested in that will most likely have already played ME1&2 and will either already be buying the game, or will have found the series not to their liking and won't buy ME3. Better to use those marketing dollars showing off the combat to CoD-fans who haven't played the previous games due to the story-focus and don't realise how good the combat is.

      Really un-inspired trailer...Alien invasion of earth, - one dead girl....NOW IT"S PERSONAL!

    Yeah.. I thought it was kinda ordinary. Not bad, not really, just eehh I've seen it somewhere before at some point. Ya know?

    Also, top poster comment that I saw on that youtube link up there *points up at antipodean* now makes want to see an army of volus falling upon the reapers like rabid gerbils.

      Well, the marketing manager at Bioware has said the full version is "grittier", so your wish for an army of volus (hopefully led by the Biotic God), may come true ;)

    Trailer was amazing full stop.

    Hurry up and finish the movie now? xo

    Not entirely sure how the human ships get smashed by one touch of a reaper laser but a toy replica doesn't even have a scratch on it.

    Nice Teaser teaser trailer none the less.

    I would have liked to see a helmeted/hidden Shepard meleeing a lone husk, shooting a band of cerberus, joined by squad for the mech from the demo, then looking up at the reaper and having someone ask "What would you do?"
    To me, that illustrates the scale, the action and the choice the game offers.


    Far too much suspension of belief, even within the confines of the ludicrous ME universe.

    Looks like they are concentrating on the Americas. Phew. Sometimes it's good to live in Australia :)

      The only location in the trailer that was discernable was England, and that ain't America :P

        Yeah, because the space view of the Americas at the end, being all glowing and red was just from fireworks...

          yeah, kinda realised the nub comment after I posted. Large Ben there probably didn't like being called america lol. I was referring to the final earth shot :/

    ....Oh boy. Ohhhh boy. The 8th of March will not come fast enough :)
    One thing, was the woman with Shep Jess Chobots character or was that Miranda?

      Ashley Williams.

        Cheers Fitz.

    Man, Two Steps From Hell is being played every.

    Really could have done without the dead kid. It's cheap melodrama at its most manipulative. There's a time and place for that, but it's never tasteful for this overused cliche to pop up in videogame trailers, much less those like Dead Island.

    Call of Duty: Mass Effect.
    Le sigh. I don't think I ever had such high hopes for a game that with every single press release got lower and lower to the point that I decided I wasn't buying it. It's the polar opposite of Mass Effect 1, I was so stunned and happy that Ashley looked at least vaguely like a freaking soldier.
    And really? The child thing again? I guess the mainstream really are that ignorant of overused tropes... but still, ugh.

      Wow. I remember all the negativity with ME2 when they put out the Jack trailer. It turned out to be a fantastic game. The same will happen here. Fans will hate it, haters will hate it.

        The negativity surrounding Mass Effect 2 were mostly focussed on technical aspects like the 'streamlining' of gameplay, dumbing down RPG elements etc. Hardly anyone took issue with the direction the lore went in.... Compare this to ME3 which is creating all sorts of heinour acts of creativity.

        The 'dudebro' roid-monkey character, another voiced by an 'internet celebrity' best known for being a nerdy sex object, and now this dead kid trope. It's cheap, ineffective and for the cynics like me, is straight out of the Terminal Illness School of Manufactured Melodrama. If they went the extra mile and inserted a burnt doll in the foreground, it would actually enter self-mockery territory.

    Gotta stop reading this threads ... i get too anxious sometimes ... but i so want to play the game already!!! already organized time off work for it too

    pretty sure that chick shepard's with has been dead and nuked for a good 5 years now.

      What? I thought the chick in the trailer was Shephard. I didn't recognise that dude in the N7 armour... (j/k)
      That little girl reminds me of Chucky from Child's Play - the reapers probably put her through the Dragon's Teeth, and turned her into frightening little imp that sinks its teeth into its victims throats with a blood curdling shriek.

      Depends who you chose to save, Kaiden or Ashley. The fact she's in this trailer suggests that the 'canon' Shepard chose to leave Kaiden to die, while saving Ashley.

      While every player has their own Shepard, the canon storyline seems to suggest a male Soldier Shepard with Liara romance, saves KKK Williams and generally makes Paragon choices throughout the story.

    FC3 gameplay looked great!

    So we're fighting for aeris...

    Yeah... I'm still expecting the greatest disappointment to a franchise since Star Wars Episode 1.

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