Master Chief... Remember Master Chief? He's Back. In Toy Form...

What if I told you that your first look at 343 Industries newly redesigned Master Chief for Halo 4 was going to come through a new range of toys? Would you be surprised? Would you say, 'you've been taking too many of those anti-biotic crazy pills man'. Would you say, 'meh, it's Master Chief, how different could he be, I'm off to do something more interesting'?

All of the above are completely reasonable reactions — Master Chief can't change that much, obviously — but he has changed.

It looks a bit like... well, Halo Reach actually. A bit more stripped back, a bit less beefy. The above figurine comes from the Halo 4 series, so we can only assume that this may actually be what Master Chief looks like at some point in the upcoming game.

Despite the fact that Bungie has left the Halo building, I'm still very keen for Halo 4, and keen to see how it does in the hands of a new studio. I wonder, however, if I'm in the minority.

You can check out the rest of the new toy line here.

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    Oh man, I can't wait to hear the endless complaints from "fans" calling it the worst Halo game ever while up against another group of "fans" calling it the first step towards a real Halo.

    Oh god, I just realised where Mark stole his headline from, nice one Mark :)

      I'd be a lot more interested in Halo 4 if Alf was a playable character. Perhaps if Master Chief takes off his helmet and it's Alf inside. That'd be awesome.

    I wonder how they will explain the Armour difference...

    I mean... not many guys who can make that kind of armour up there on that torn in half ship floating aimlessly through space...

    It looks ok but how it looks in the game is what really matters.

    Also great title Mark.

    Captain Bland didnt have a chance to hit the steroids while in cyro sleep

    Honestly, seeing as bungie barely altered the gameplay of the Halo series over the years I'm kinda looking forward to what 343 industries does with the franchise.

    halo is gone gtf over it!

      So you missed the entire thing about Halo 4 coming soon then... way... to... go...

    343 is doomed to failure on Halo 4. They change the gameplay of Halo, and face global backlash, or they leave it as is, and it's yet another Halo game. The world yawns, and moves on shortly after.

    Basically, they should have just left it at Reach. Or 3, both were good in their own way.

      "343 is doomed to failure on Halo 4."

      What makes you say that? They've done a hell of a job cleaning up Reach, doing Halo Fest at PAX 2011, the new novels... Not to mention the work they did with Certain Affinity and Sabre Interactive on Anniversary.

      If anything, I don't care if Halo 4 fails. I just want to see the final chapters for John and Cortana.

      Couldn't agree more. If they don't change the gameplay and it's just another Halo the franchise will die ... just like COD died ... right?

    IMO Halo only exists as 1, 2, 3, and ODST. That's it.

    Why isn't his shoulder pads on his shoulders?

    That's one hell of a Cryo-sleeping chamber Master Chief has. It's so good his armour changes, probably give him new features like health pack pick-ups and better shield recharge too.

    You guys do realize that 343i has stated that that's not the final build for his armor, right?

    Or does that information just get stacked underneath all the stuff about new Call of Duty info and stuff that isn't worth mentioning..

    I understand that it is a prototype, but if this turns into the finished version, it would sicken me, if it turns out MC is wearing this when Halo 4 starts, I'll probably kill all of 343i. If this armour is changed to look a little less stupid maybe I'll forgive them, and as for how it changed between the games and he somehow got a jetpack? Not a clue, good luck explaining it though

    halo is gay nice toy

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