Max Payne 3 Screens Show Two Guns Are Better Than None

Here's three news screens from the upcoming Max Payne 3. Whenever I think Max Payne, I think a trenchcoat diving in slow-motion, a gun blazing from each hand. I guess Rockstar does as well.


    buying max payne 1 and 2 was the best 2 dollars 50 I have spent in gaming. I had a blast despite I played 2 hours of the first game with half the sound missing.

    Mark, do you know which Rockstar studio is working on this game, is it Rockstar Toronto? Hopefully it is, they made The Warriors, my favorite game on the xbox.

      Warriors was awesome. Especially in co-op.

      I got what you need fellas, the F.

        Okay I managed to find some info on Rockstar Toronto and they are working on Max Payne 3 , YAY, but they kinder dont have any game made and release since 2005 with the Warriors, so has MP3 been in development for 7 years, that would be crazy.

          Well 7 years development is a long time but not unheard of. Although I'm quite sure they've been helping out on various other Rockstar projects in between.

    His neck looks funny in the first pic.

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