Max Payne 3’s Road To Revenge

Is it just me or does Max Payne seem really in over his head every time Rockstar shows off a piece of their upcoming noir threequel?

This time, it looks like a fuck-up on Max's part lets a Brazilian magnate's hot young wife get nabbed by some criminal faction. Favela gangs, paramilitary troops and elite police squads are all trying control the action in the city's streets and it's a safe bet that Max will have to shoot his way through all of Sao Paolo's social strata to find out where Fabiana Branca's been taken. But tough as Max is, he's on unfamiliar territory and another section of the clip shows him getting beat down by some ne'er-do-wells. Hopefully, this is a sign that Max Payne 3 won't be a cakewalk when it comes out on May 15th.


    So, is it less film noir and more man on fire? I liked the noir. But I do hope it ends well for ol' Maxi. He's copped the wrong end of the stick for a looooong time!

    Linear or sandbox. Can someone please tell me?

    It's R*, it's just going to be rubbish. I mean, cutscenes, REALLY? You're dead to me MP, thanks R*.

    When I see more of Max Payne 3 I can't help but just focus on the fate of Alex Casey and how fitting it seems to be.

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