Meet Admiral Ackbar, Who Still Hasn't Seen The Original Star Wars

Everyone knows Frank Oz, of The Muppets fame, voiced Yoda in the Star Wars movies. Ditto for James Earl Jones and Darth Vader. But do you know who did the voice for Admiral Akbar, uttering one of the most widely-used lines from the original trilogy (IT'S A TRAP!)?

Or the voice of Mr Head Tentacles himself, Bib Fortuna?

They were both the work of this guy. Erik Bauersfeld, a veteran radio broadcaster, dramatist and sound expert. This interview with the 90-year-old Bauersfeld, conducted recently by the San Francisco Chronicle, is definitely worth your time. And not just because they get him to say the line.

I had no idea, for example, that he wasn't even credited when Return of the Jedi was first released (though he's since been slotted in, surely one of the few positive edits made to the movie). And it's strangely wonderful that, despite the cultural importance (a relative term on the internet, I know) of Ackbar's biggest line, Bauersfeld had no idea it was so popular.

And he hasn't even seen the original Star Wars! Which somehow makes sense. I mean, why would he. There aren't any Mon Calamari in it.

Being Admiral Ackbar: Berkeley man reflects on brush with "Star Wars" [SFGate]


    That was really good, nice to see him getting some recognition.

    At the end he says how he went to see the movie with his mother and Aunt didn't he? How is that not seeing the original Star Wars?

      When he says the original Star Wars, he means A New Hope. He saw Return of The Jedi with his parents, because he was in it.

    That's not the same voice actor! It's all a lie!! IT'S A TRAP!!!

    He comes off as such a nice guy... great interview.

    They credited a lot more actors in the remake, James Earl Jones is a prime example.

      That particular instance is because James Earl Jones didn't want to be credited in the first release

    Great chap, Nice to see the force is still with him!

    Great article Luke :) Well done. Nice to see this man getting the recognition he deserves.

    Great to see him accepting proper credit.
    Thanks for sharing!

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