Meet The Chinese Company Who’s Fighting Apple

Meet The Chinese Company Who’s Fighting Apple

There’s a legal brouhaha going down. Proview Shenzhen is trying to stop Apple from selling the iPad in China, where it’s made. It’s even filing suit in California, where the iPad is designed.

Previously, Kotaku reported that Proview, which developed an “iPad” desktop computer years ago, felt deceived by Apple’s agreement and is trying to top the company from using the iPad moniker — even though Proview went bust. There must be more to it than that, no?

“My biggest wish is to resolve all these frustrating problems and put them behind me,” Yang Long-san told Reuters. “If we can resolve all the problems we have now and I have a chance to make a comeback, I’d still want to overtake my old competitors.”

Proview might be in shambles now, but decades ago, the company was a major player in China’s computer industry, concentrating on desktop displays. It had offices worldwide and employed 18,000. But when the global financial crisis hit in 2008, the company posted its first loss. By early 2010, creditors were coming after Proview.

According to local news media, Proview is seeking 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) in damages from Apple. The company has yet to file its 2010 and 2011 financial reports and could face de-listing this (northern) summer.

“Now that I think of it,” he said, “it was a mistake to just blindly focus on expanding. I should have gone after profitability instead.”

“I hope we can return to our glory days,” Yang added. And Apple? Apple hopes Proview will stop trying to get the iPad banned.

On the ropes, Apple’s China nemesis still dreams [Reuters]

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  • Apple bought the rights to the name from the owner of the company. He can’t just turn around and say “Oh no, you bought it from this branch of my company but not this one!”. World doesn’t work like that, and a Chinese court already ruled in favour of that principle, in Hong Kong

    • Problem is ever since Hong Kong was returned to China. Our supreme court can be overruled by the equivalent in China. Which makes absolutely no sense, since Hong Kong law is based off of British common law and actually protects your rights and freedoms.

      China’s is all based on a word of a judge appointed by the central government. So essentially even if you lose in the supreme court of Hong Kong you can always run up north and that ruling over ruled by the Chinese courts. We’re so screwed..

    • Similar to the US and probably other countries, as long as there is a higher court in a country, any decision can be overruled. Legal proceedings all are based on documented evidence and if there is a jury, moving them emotionally and intellectually to favor your side of the case. In the current Apple (actually a British intermediary acting for Apple) case vs Proview, there is VERY weak evidence that Apple’s intermediary purchased the rights to China from Proview Taiwan (with which the agreement was made and supposedly does not HOLD the trademark to mainland China). It appears that Proview Shenzhen is actually the company that owns the mainland China Trademark not Proview Taiwan. I think this is similar to purchasing trademarks from say Hitachi. Unless the agreement specifically states such there is NO WAY you can buy all the patents from any part of Hitachi.

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