Metal Gear Online Is Dead

Launching back in 2008 with Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Online, the online Metal Gear spin-off, had 1.3 million members at one point in 2009. This summer, Metal Gear Online is going offline. The game's service is finished.

METAL GEAR ONLINE サービス終了のお知らせ [Konami]


    Nooo! I actually still play that sometimes... *whimper*... *salutes grave*

      Something more specific than "This summer" wouldn't be a bad thing, by the way.

    Shame, really. I found MGO to be one of the most enjoyable online games I've ever played.
    Well, not quite. It had the best gameplay and design of any online game I've played. Sadly, it also had the worst playerbase of any online game I've played. I have never seen a more whiny, teamwork-lacking, elitist group of foul-mouthed children.
    Between the game's great gameplay and the awful experience of dealing with other players every match, after a year of playing it I made the sad decision to leave it be for greener pastures.

      Sadly, it never really got better. It usually took at least an hour before you could find a game/lobby that wasn't full of morons. That's the main reason why I didn't play it as often as I would have liked. It's probably been at least 4-5 months since I logged on.

      I can't even begin to count the number of times I'd get kicked from a game because I was actually trying to *play* the game. Way too many "xp farming only" and even "No CQC allowed" servers. (Seriously, if you're going to play METAL GEAR ONLINE and moan about people using CQC on you, then you need to play a different game) :-P *sigh*

      Still, if you could find a good game and a decent group, that game is/was second to none. :)

    what? MGS4 is still in the post :(

    Gah! Haven't played for ages, but this still makes me very sad. It had it's abundant flaws, mostly the fault of the players though. But was a very original, and challenging multiplayer game. Wholly unique. It will be missed.

    People actually played MGO? I tried playing it once and it would take hours to update :\

    MGO was great, however being in Australia, The player game base would be close to 0. Sneaking, Action, Hand to Hand and tech. This game had it all. When playing with a good team, or by yourself, there was a lot of trying to out smart your opponent.


    Wondered when this was gonna happen. Good times were had on this game, even though i haven't played it for close to 2 year, in summary, rhys is gay!

    Never knew this existed.

      Thats because koonami did a terrible job of promoting the game, that coupled with the un-intuitive account system that didnt use the PSN made it unattractive to all but the most hardcore of fans. Plus since it wasnt a 1st person killfest it was unappealing to 90% of modern gamers.

    Stupid Server Shutdowns, so is this just the multiplayer mode from Metal Gear Solid 4 or something seperate?

      I believe it was sold seperately in Japan (maybe?), but I'm pretty sure everywhere else it was included on the disc with MGS4. Though in order to access it you had to choose "MEtal Gear Online" from the main menu of MGS4, which then brought you to ANOTHER main menu for MGO. It was basically a seperate game, just on the same disc.
      But like Sam pointed out, even if you took the 5-10 minutes it'd take to finally load up to the MGO main menu for your first time, then you were greeted with a mandatory patch that could take anywhere from 1-10 hours to actually download and install. (it wasn't even that much data, the download speeds were just terrible for the patches)... Then you discovered the headache of having to use a KONAMI ID to because they didn't use the PSN :-P

      So basically it was a great game that was very hard to get into, literally. I kept hoping it'd get a re-release as a downloadable with the KONAMI ID stuff phased out, but unfortunately it didn't happen.

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