Metal Man, Air Man, Flash Man... Lego Man?

I love creative fan works. I never cease to be amazed at the brilliant drawings, sculptures, songs, videos and more that devoted fans with artistic talent create and share.

Today, reader Gavin sent us a tip about this Mega Man mural. Measuring an impressive five feet on every side, this wall art depicting Mega Man 2's level select screen is made entirely of Lego bricks. Click through the gallery to see a close-up shot!

Megaman Lego Mural [NeoGAF]



    I'm assuming you can't send the sheet of lego through a printer...?

      It's not a sheet of lego. It's many bricks. Just look at the photo.

    Seriously love this, there are so many 8-bit games that would work so well with this concept.

    Still, minus points because it's not MM3! :p

    That is absolutely amazing. Would def put it on my wall!

    I'm looking to create this for my wall. Did you make any plans for this? I'd love to get a schematic for it. Thanks :)

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