Minecraft Creator Won’t Sue Clone-Makers

Minecraft Creator Won’t Sue Clone-Makers

The games industry is a sue-happy one, but not everyone can be fussed taking legal action against their games’ clones. Mojang is one such studio.

There are no shortage of Minecraft clones — in fact, the list of Minecraft rip-offs on PC and mobile devices is kind of terrifying. Mojang could probably get them all to pay-up if it felt so inclined to, but it won’t.

According to Mojang’s business chief, Daniel Kaplan, Minecraft clones don’t bring anything new to the table. When asked if Mojang would be taking legal action over the XBLA game FortressCraft, Kaplan said: “As long as they don’t use anything we MADE, we don’t care.

FortressCraft is the most successful game on Xbox Live Indie Games (not available in Australia), generating more than $1 million in September of last year. The game has been criticised for being very similar to Minecraft. The video below shows footage from the game.

Despite the similarities between FortressCraft and Minecraft, Kaplan isn’t fazed.

“Like, would the Doom creators sue everybody who has done an FPS? Don’t think so,” he said.

“I’m really bored by the clones,” he said. “They don’t bring anything new to the table which is really sad.”

Have you ever played a Minecraft clone? Are they any good? What do you think of Mojang’s approach to cloned games? Let us know!


    • More likely, they understand that if they sue a “clone”, Infiniminer developers will sue *them*

      A lot of people either don’t know, or forget, that Mojang didn’t invent this genre, and they were far from the first game in it. They’re just popular, specifically: a popular clone.

    • I think it’s more the “nothing new to the table” part. In a game whose continued success rests solely on the shoulders of its community, the MineCraft-like game with the biggest community is always going to win. MineCraft is winning this category so comprehensively, it wouldn’t be worth it to sue.

      Couldn’t bring myself to combobreak the ‘Z’ theme for posters.

      • At the time FortressCraft was first released, it did minecarts better (ie: they weren’t broken), it had better water graphics, and a range of other improvements that Minecraft have currently caught up with, or are attempting to catch up with.

        For MC to say *now* “Hey, nothing new here” is a bit disingenuous – at the time of release, this one guy managed to make a MC-like game that did a lot of stuff a lot better than MC itself.

        • I think there’s significant differences between doing something new, and doing something better. The main problem with copying someone’s idea and improving it, especially without asking them, is if they copy you right back then you really don’t have a leg to stand on. This means that, as long as MoJang have acceptable competitive awareness, any advantage that the ‘clones’ have will be temporary. Will there ever be a feature so critical that it will be more important to abandon the massive community of MineCraft and flock to another game to have that feature right then? I think, even if that critical feature arises, people will stick to the community, and wait for MoJang to deliver their version of that feature.

          TL;DR: Difference between doing something new and doing something better. Minecraft is in a pretty safe position (IMO).

  • Ha, that’s one of the best ways to come off on higher moral ground as well as really putting the boot into the competitors: Pity them.

    “You guys make me sad because the best you can do is copy us, and you aren’t even good at that…Awww” pat pat pat.

  • It proves who the better company is. Mojang gets sued for using a word. Mojang chooses not to sue companies who steal and entire game.

    Someone needs to make a Good Guy Mojang meme.

  • Lets be honest, if it werent for the more detailed character models, id think i was looking at minecraft with a different texture pack…. Never have I seen a bigger rip off… this and that chinese TF2 rip off

  • Well, considering a lot of the inspiration for Minecraft came from another game called Infiniminer, it’d be pretty ordinary to turn around and sue people making Minecraft-alikes.

  • They don’t need to sue anyway, Minecraft is on various platforms now. If it wasn’t on, say iOS or Android, I reckon they’d be more interested in killing off the clones (of which there are MANY) , but pretty much everyone knows the difference now, so they’ll only buy the real thing.

  • Question for everyone. Do resignation letters have to be long, or can you just say “i hereby resign from my position as of XXXX”

  • *laughs* I love how people are saying “Well done Mojang” and “Taking the high ground and not perusing legal action”

    That’s because he CAN’T. Minecraft is not an original creation.

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