Minecraft Micro World Debuts At LEGO World Copenhagen

What game would be better suited for a LEGO collaboration than Minecraft? Announced at LEGO World Copenhagen, Minecraft Micro World is now available for pre-order.

Included in the set is Steve and a Creeper, as well as all the expected Minecraft tools: You'll have access to wood, dirt and stone in addition to the Minecraft modules.

Just Lego: Lego Minecraft Is A Real Thing [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    I still think this is a stupid idea, lego is already minecraft. I hope they don't loose to much money on this fad.

    Wow. It looks significantly worse than I imagined.

      That's exactly what I thought. :/ I was imagining cube lego blocks with the actual textures from the game printed on them. And lego-ised versions of characters to look more like the regular lego figures.

      This just hardly seems worth it.

    This doesn't look like LEGO. The smooth surfaces put me off for some reason.

      ...and unfortunately, it doesn't really look like Minecraft either.

    it's weird they;re using 1 blocks instead of 4's

    Meh that mock up that someone did when they announced this looked better...

    I think that's going to be a pain to build. You know how hard it's going to be to perfectly align all those 1x1 Plates?

    If I was going to buy it, it would just be for parts. I'm not Minecraft fan.

    If you want good Microscale Lego check out the Mini Modulars (10230)

    I think it's awesome! But will Steve even fit in the house?

    I was hoping for textures, can we get some texture packs for this?

    Major misfire on the characters there - should've used standard minifigs

    I think these "mini" minifigures are now becoming standard in their LEGO Games collection (small minifigures that fit in 1x1 square for movement. And I guess they've implemented this in here. Though creeper is 2x1, weird. The standard minifigure (1x2) would probably be too big I guess for the set

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