Minecraft, Now With 100% Added Salt

Bashir Sultani, who in all seriousness I am about to label a salt artist, likes to draw things using salt. Like Minecraft creepers.

We saw him last year going all Modern Warfare on us, but I think I like this better. It's quainter. Which fits, since the dude is drawing pictures with salt. Which is right up there next to collages and papier mache on the "quaint" scale.


    Great Rendition of the iconic Minecraft Creeper.

    However the eyes/mouth look almost cheery as opposed to the pure malice I usually see staring at me as I desperatly backpeddle into a ravine

    The background music did not annoy anybody else. I don't even know if it's music. Just heavy breathing and bwea bwea. Cool sand art tho

      I watched a couple of seconds before immediately muting it and continued to watch the rest of the video, without that crap playing in the background :P

    i'll be impressed when he makes throat of the world out of cocaine

    Why? No seriously, why would you even start making salt art? Pencils too common? Spray cans too illegal? Paint? Why not paint? Weirdness abounds...

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