Minecraft Won't Be Coming To The Vita

In a bit of disappointing news, Mojang's Daniel Kaplan has told Eurogamer that the developer has no plans to bring Minecraft to Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld.


    Isn't that because of the exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Mojang?

      Minecraft is on the Xperia Play, so doubtful.

      I'd put money on it just being terrible without a keyboard and mouse.

        It's on every capable iDevice and Android device, in addition to te Xperia Play.

        It takes a bit to get used to, but it's not as awful as you'd think.

    Umm did anybody ask for it? Lol

    probably just don't want to be stuck dealing with the crap sandwich that is Sony of late

    From what I understand the ports aren't that good, so I guess it's quite a good thing that they don't spread themselves too thin.

    It would be wise for them to do it later, adding a 3rd platform to make a port/adaptation for at the moment would be a waste of resources given how basic the pocket versions are at present, even after the recent update.
    Once the iOS and Android versions are a lot more advanced, I'm sure they'll sort something out.

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