Minecraft’s Creator Wants To Put Up Money To Make Psychonauts 2 A Reality

Minecraft’s Creator Wants To Put Up Money To Make Psychonauts 2 A Reality

Tim Schafer’s Psychonauts is practically synonymous with the phenomenon of great, under-appreciated games. It didn’t set the world on fire with massive sales when it came out years ago but has gone one to become a cult favourite, with a Mac release happening late last year.

So, what about a sequel? Well, you may have noticed that Schafer’s Double Fine dev studio’s changed a bit. For the last two years, they’ve shifted to packs of smaller, leaner teams working on smaller, leaner games destined for the downloadable market. Schafer’s said that from a manpower and financial perspective, Double Fine’s not quite set up to crank out a follow-up to Psychonauts. Still, he told Digital Spy that he’d love to do a sequel if a few millions dollars magically appeared for that purpose.

Enter Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft and hat-wearer extraordinaire. After reading the interview with Schafer, the man known as Notch indicated on Twitter that he’d be willing to bankroll the return of ‘Nauts hero Razputin, saying “Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen” in a tweet directed to Schafer. and later remarking that he’s serious.

Schafer’s yet to respond, but it’s unlikely that any pact would happen out in the open on Twitter. Nevertheless, if this gets the wheels turning on another Psychonauts game or a Double Fine/Mojang partnership, awesome things may transpire.

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